Monday, August 24, 2009

Lynne Perella, Part 3

We were working on large sheets of the red rosin paper. We had the choice of whether our finished piece would be a painting or a book. Most of us chose the book. Lynne called it an "easy book" (or was it a "fast book" ---don't remember), but it became a book with one cut and a few folds, so I guess it was both easy and fast.

The interesting thing about this method is that you have absolutely no idea how each page is going to look until the folding is finished. Your images might be right side up or upside down. An image might fold over two surfaces. Or your colors might do something totally unexpected.

My medieval piece was colored with both cool and warm colors. Looking at the full piece they seemed to blend well, though clearly one side was cooler and the other warmer. When the sheet became a book, something wonderful happened....each spread turned out to be either warm or cool, not both. A happy accident for sure. And if I'd wanted it to turn out that way I could never have figured out how to accomplish that. Check it out:

A warm two page spread:

And two very cool spreads:

Here is the book made from my piece for the asian-inspired workshop:

This was a wonderful experience and I already feel invigorated and recharged. I'd been avoiding working on two journals for lack of motivation and inspiration. I've already whipped through both, using much of what I learned, yet not copying Lynne, just integrating her techniques into my own style.

By the way, these workshops were sold out and The Ink Pad convinced Lynne to offer them again. So if you're in NY or can get here, they will be given on October 10 and 11.

Someone asked what I was going to "do" with these books. Well, I don't think I need to do anything, but I could add some journaling. I'm not sure, but honestly, I believe that even without any words they tell quite a story.


Anonymous said...

Amazing , your pages matched perfectly. I love the way she works, that's how I weas taught to paint, slap it on and let the painting lead you where it wants to go.Suits me but I guess it's not for everyone.Fabulous work,thankyou so much for letting us go along for the ride!

Diann said...

How I have enjoyed walking through this fabulous workshop with you and Lynne! Loved your books and the way they ended up matching warms and cools. I'm sure this was a very beneficial workshop and I've enjoyed you sharing it with us. Diann

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, I loved your journey through your classes!!! It was so much fun and your creation is beautiful!! Thank you SO much for sharing it with us!!!

ginag said...

Love how all the art pages flow and the obvious journey you have made from class to working on our circle journals. Your muse is kicking and alive, almost into overdrive! How exciting is is to be super charged with ideas, Eileen.

You are amazing. Thanks for sharing via your blog!
Gina G

Seth said...

Fantastic! Creating the books and seeing the unexpected on each page was such a fun process. Both of your books turned into treasures!!

teri said...

You're not kidding -- these are crazy wonderful. I'm feeling recharged just LOOKING at them. Oh I wish I'd have been able to get into that class!!! Wonderful, wonderful stuff Eileen!!

inge said...

Hello Eileen,

what a great layered book : the colors, the layers, the images...

It does stand on it's own : you can surely add something, but it doesn' t really NEED it.

Thanks so much for sharing these blogposts of your experience !

greetings from belgium