Saturday, February 27, 2010

Art Goddess Pins

Are you an art goddess?  Of course you are!  I love creating art goddess pins, usually using old rusted keys, stamped images, and found objects.  PID  has a new collage sheet  called "art heads," that has simplified this project.  All I had to do was attach an image to grungepaper for added strength and glue it onto a key.  The images already have wings.  I didn't have any more old keys, so used some of Tim Holtz's keys from his idea-ology line.   I used my Brother label maker (with the very cool black tape and gold letters) to create the words.


BIG Prima Giveaway!

Who doesn't love stuff from Prima?  Look at this haul:
Prima has a big giveaway going on right now to whet everyone's appetite for a major announcement....don't know what it is (big secret), but to win ALL of the above, visit Prima here and follow the directions.  there will be two from the US and one international, so everyone should enter.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Journal of Dreams

It snowed again today....all day.  So, I stayed indoors again and worked on the next journal, which belongs to Lillian.  Carla's was a petite 6x6", but Lillian's is much larger; she altered an existing book, something I've done and am partial to.  No worries about binding when you use an altered book.
Lillian included a note with her journal, in which she mentioned some things she is partial to......foreign languages, architecture, anything French, vintage, rust.....  I did my best to incorporate many of these features in my page for her.

I was thinking about dreams of travel.  As an experienced traveler, I am usually prepared, know what to expect, and through careful planning, don't miss much.  When I was a very young traveler, too dumb to be cautious, I just went where the spirit took me, with very little in the way of preparation.  At first, I was going to say that I miss the spontaneity of my youth, but do I really?  I wouldn't want to be that girl again.  Not really.

Well, be my travels well thought out or spur of the moment, my message is the's all about the journey, not the destination.

I started by spraying watercolor paper with several colors of homemade mica spray, then inked the paper and added strips of music sheets and old text (in a few languages).  More ink.  Combed my stash for exotic images and architectural elements.  Added a central image of a 40's pin-up girl (why not!), and some bling.  Oh, and I just noticed that the charm dangling from that little chain was turned backwards when I took the picture.  Just so you know, it says "journey."
More snow is expected tomorrow, so I just may get to Lee's journal as well.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Journal of Dreams

My collaborative art journal drought has ended!  After months with none reaching my door, I suddenly had three to work on.  All from the Journal of Dreams group.  Today I worked on Carla's.

I used the spray starch technique for the background, and almost everything else on the page came from my scrap pile.  So there are leftover bits of embossed metal, old text, scraps from various techniques,  and cut off pieces of collages.  Also, LOTS of shimmer from distress stickles.  The mermaid is from PID, though she didn't start out as a mermaid.  I made her tail from glitter paper which I then embossed and distressed.

The Circus is Coming.....and a Lovely Giveaway

What is this blurry strange thing?  Well, it's a sneak peek of my circus page for a collaborative book some of us are doing at ATT.  There's always a lively discussion about Tim Holtz's Cirque stamp set.  Much as we love All Things Tim, many find his clowns to be, well, creepy.
I'm one of them, though creepy can also be interesting.  At any rate, I jumped at the challenge and have been busy creating 17 pages for this book.  It hasn't been easy, but I'm getting there. I'll post full pictures once our pages have been swapped out.
Here are a few more blurry teases:

Yes, that is some of Tim's film strip ribbon on the side.  And you do see a clown shoe.  That's all I'm sayin' for now.
Onto the giveaway.  Do you enjoy vintage?  Ephemera? Using the above in your art?  Then check this out:

This is only a small part of the giveaway being offered by Robin's Egg Blue, to celebrate this lovely blog's 300+ followers.  Hop on over there to find out how you can win.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Stamps are Inspiring!

When I returned from my trip a large box was there waiting for me.  Inside.....the new Wendy Vecchi stamps I'd pre-ordered.  New toys always inspire me, so I pulled stamps from different sets and did a tag and a pin.  Both are on their way to a friend in the EWV yahoo group and I hope she likes them!
The tag has several new stamps and my favorite "old" one -- the art chick.  She is wearing a grungepaper rose that I received from Susan in our GP rose swap.  Lots of distress inks, some perfect pearls spray, Maya Road trinket pins, and accents with gel pens.
 The base of the pin is a grungeboard key that I colored with KAT's "drunken scotch" technique.  The grungeboard wings have distress inks applied with a sponge, then some heirloom gold perfect pearls brushed over top.  The face and word are both new Wendy stamps. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Some New Art and A Palm Tree or Two.....

I'm still getting used to being back in the northeast, and all that implies, weather-wise.  I actually love being home, but can't say I don't miss those swaying palms and days spent by the pool.  Anyway....a few projects, and a few shots of Paradise.
While I was gone, PID had a "doodle me" challenge, which I completed last night.  We were to alter, with doodling one of their images, and I went to town with my gel pens!

Not sure what I was thinking, but it was very therapeutic.  Now, back to Paradise.
This is what the entrance to the dining room looked like:

This nice man cut open a coconut for me:

And I enjoyed it!

Ahhhh, well, back to art.  At ArtHaven, we have a monthly lottery.  This month's theme is "happiness," and we were to enter anything that made us happy.  I've been enjoying altering mini notebooks with both real and faux metal, so this is what I did:

As you can see, we had  a very relaxing vacation:

We enjoyed Hokkaido, the Japanese restaurant at the resort:

When I returned home there was a package waiting for me.  It contained a very timely gift from my secret sister (something my SU! team does each quarter).....a picture frame already decorated to hold a vacation photo.  So, I did a little photo collage and popped it in the frame:

The new challenge theme at PID is "green or clover."  Yes, it really is almost March, though someone needs to inform the weather people of that fact.  They seem to think we're still solidly in winter.  But, I digress..... I found this cute little guy in my PID stash, and did a St. Patrick's Day card:

And I'll end this with a few more random shots from the gorgeous Melia Caribe Tropical Resort in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic:


Saturday, February 20, 2010

And The Winners Are.....

Well, another wonderful OWOH has come to an end.  I just got back from my vacation, and was delighted to learn I'd won two fabulous items, which I will tell you more about when they arrive.
And now, for my winners.....I used to get my three numbers, and will email the winners as well as post their names here.

The winner of the box of supplies is Jona!

This art goddess pin goes to IrishFairyGirl.

And this one goes to Elaine Allen.
Winners, you'll get an email from me asking for your mailing info, and I will get your prizes to you as soon as you get back to me.
This was a fun ride, and I hope to visit every single one of the participants even though the giveaways are over.  I'm almost there!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One World One Heart 2010


***** I've noticed that many people who have been nice enough to leave comments have not left any contact information.  Remember, If I can't contact you, I can't send you a prize!*****

I am thrilled to be participating once again in One World One Heart, a wonderful concept in blogland.  Beginning today, bloggers all over the world will announce their participation, and reveal the prizes they will be giving away.  The purpose is to encourage people, bloggers and non-bloggers alike, to visit and make connections.  Anyone with this year's OWOH logo on their blog is a participant.  If you'd like more information (it is not too late for you to join in), just click on the logo above.

To win one of my prizes you must leave a comment ON THIS POST ONLY by February 15th, the date that Lisa Swifka, founder of the event, has chosen as the closing date.  For most bloggers, February 16th will be the day for announcing prize winners.

I will be out of the country on the 16th, so please note that I will most likely be announcing my winners when I return on the 20th.  If I can get online while I'm away, I will, but I'm assuming for now that I won't.   And should I be lucky enough to win something  I won't be able to claim my prize until the 20th, so I hope you'll hold it for me!  Please!

AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  In your comment you must leave your email address so I can contact my winners.  I spent a lot of time last year trying to track down people who did not do so, so this year I won't include in my drawing any posts without an email address.  Also, only one comment per person.  Duplicates will be deleted.  Some people limit this event to active bloggers only.  I have too many good friends who don't have blogs, so my giveaway is open to everyone.

As for my giveaways,  so far I have three planned.  I may add to that if I see I'm getting lots of comments.

First prize, a nice sized box full of brand new supplies.  There will be (at least), several full sized Tim Holtz masks, two Distress Ink pads, three bottles of Stickles, three pots of Perfect Pearls, ribbon, and three containers of Maya Road trinket pins.

My next prizes are two of my Art Goddess pins.  I make them from real old and rusted keys, grungepaper and grungeboard, and Tim Holtz idea-ology hardware.  They both have tie tack style pin backs, and would look great on the lapel of any Art Goddess out there.


When you click on the OWOH logo, you will be taken to the site that explains everything and lists all participating blogs.  Visit and leave comments on as many as you can.  Check back often, as new blogs will be added as their authors sign up.

I myself can't wait to start visiting new blogs,  making new friends, and finding new inspiration in the blogosphere.  I did last year, and I have a feeling this year's event will be even bigger and greater.  I hope you will join in this experience either as a blogging participant or visitor, or better yet, both.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Leavin' Town.....again

Enough of this cold!  Enough snow!  I'm leaving tomorrow for a week in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic.  This is a picture of the pool I'll be lounging around.  Paradise found!
As I mentioned in my OWOH post, I'll announce my winners when I return.  Everyone have a great week, and go make some creative messes!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

One Color Palette, Four Cards

I'm really not a pink-and-hearts-and-flowers person, but I was very inspired by the new Stampin' Up patterned paper called Sending Love.  The papers have some glitter and shimmer and the pinks and reds are enhanced with shots of brown.  I pulled out a few sheets, some different shades of brown cardstock and some punches and came up with these cards.
On the first one I also added some of that gorgeous shimmery paper from the "Bride" specialty paper pack. The vase was created by snipping off the point of the ornament punch.  Aren't I the clever one, LOL!  Though I used a get well stamp, this could easily be a Valentine if you're so inclined.

This one also uses some of the "Bride" paper, and I made the flower with some hearts from the Heart to Heart punch.  That's not string in the's a super thin strip of cardstock.  Love that trick!  The card base scanned a little dark.  It is chocolate chip, not black.

I used lots of little scraps for this one.  I thought putting hearts (all three on the Heart to Heart punch) on the branches instead of flowers was kind of interesting.

This last one didn't scan very well, but I just didn't feel like getting the camera out.  Sorry!

This one was actually the first I did, and there isn't any brown in it.  Though I like it, looking at it is what caused me to pull in some browns.  If I were to do this one over, I'd definitely tone down all the girliness with a touch of chocolate chip.
So, I think I have gotten all the reds and pinks out of my system.  Back to grunge now, LOL!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let It Snow.....

The storm rolled in just as predicted.  Bad enough for the powers that be to close schools, an almost unheard of event in NYC.
Some scenes from my living room window.....normally I have a beautiful view of the mighty Hudson River, but today, just lots of white stuff.
Whenever snow is predicted here, normally placid New Yorkers temporarily lose their minds, race to every supermarket and bodega, and buy up all the bread and milk in a five mile radius.  Yesterday I was one of those mad fools, so today I am enjoying my snow-induced isolation.  I hope to do some organizing and maybe even work on a few projects.  But right now, a cup of hot coffee, a re-run of Numbers, and my big comfy couch are all calling to me.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Getaway in Connecticut

Back home again after a great weekend at that beautiful B&B in Connecticut that I mentioned in my last post.  Even nicer in person.  Great rooms, wonderful hosts, and TO-DIE-FOR food.  Oh, and our projects weren't too shabby either!  We had tremendous work space, spread out all over the dining room.  Since we were the only guests taking meals there we didn't even have to put things away over night.  Very convenient place for any sort of crafting group to visit.  In fact, they were expecting a quilting group later in the week.

The fun began before we even got there.  Lots of laughs on Amtrak (helped along by the wine-in-a-can that Kahena brought, and the jug of cosmos I contributed).
We even managed to involve a conductor.

We finally arrived in Old Saybrook, and were met at the station by our Inn host Jim.

The rest of our group got to the Inn later that evening and early the next day.  Here are some shots from the weekend.

 Helen and Jim, our hosts (and chefs) for the weekend.  Every meal was a gourmet's delight, and they did everything possible to make us feel at home.

My gorgeous room:

Now, I've seen the top sheet of toilet paper folded over before....on cruise ships and in some hotels.  But this is the first time I've seen it with a little sticker attached:

And yes, in between laughing and eating, we did manage to do a LOT of crafting.  We each brought one or more projects to share, and spent all day Saturday working on them.  Here is my display of all my finished ones (click on the photo for a closer look):

On the styrofoam block are paper beads drying (thanks Kahena!) On the white paper is a fabulous "wonder woman" bracelet, cut from vinyl using the SU lattice cut die, and Tim Holtz hitch fasteners as closures. That was Heather's great project.  On the left under the styrofoam are two fabric brooches we did with Heidi. Next to them are two cards that Pat showed us how to do.  Next to those are three background papers we did with Amalia....fusing decorative napkins to cardstock using plastic wrap as the glue.  On the bottom row, a clever little bookmark made from a hair clip, decorated with punched out papers. Also a Heather project.  Next to that, my project sample, a mini composition book covered with the faux metal technique.   Next to the notebook are several beautiful flowers I made with the watercolor technique that Laurel demonstrated.  And finally, two gorgeous pendants we did with Corris.  I made mini collages using the varied papers Corris brought, and sandwiching them between two pieces of glass that fit into the frames.

Here are some closer looks at some of these:


Every meal was served on a beautifully set table.

This is what the FIRST course of one breakfast looked like.....toasted cornbread with cranberries, and warm pears covered with brown sugar and pecans. This was followed by an incredible quiche.  Everything at every meal, including all breads were made from scratch.

As if we didn't have enough, we ended the weekend with a trip down the road to a lovely scrapbook store,where we hung out for a while, watched a scrapping retreat in progress, and bought one or two (LOL) items.

We're already talking about where our next weekend getaway should be.  I've been to retreats and workshops with well known artists, which I've loved, and taking nothing away from those experiences, a retreat with good friends.....priceless!