Thursday, September 3, 2009

More of Through The Eyes of an Artist

I just received Elena's journal from Valerie.  It is really quite beautiful.  Everyone who has worked in it so far has done such wonderfully detailed pages.  Elena had requested that a key be included, so most of the pages have a key/door kind of theme.  Mine too.
I'm still really into the collage style, and a funny thing happened.  I thought Elena's pages were 8" square, and that's what I did.  When I went to put them in the journal, I discovered that they should have been 7"!!
I remembered something Lynne Perella said at her workshops.  Some of her favorite elements to add to her collages were the little scraps she'd cut off of other pieces.
So I trimmed my pages down to the proper size, and cut up the trimmings and added most of them to the piece.  And I actually think it looks even better this way.
As with my last pages for Valerie, I used lots of gesso (white, this time), acrylics, those water soluble oil pastels, tissue paper, clipart, many random objects for texturing,  and some actual rusty old keys.
I already posted the pictures on our yahoo group, and got the thumbs up from Elena.
A very good day in the art room!


Chrystal S said...

Wonderful! I love what you've written on the pages. Very nice touch. :)

Diann said...

I'm so very these, Eileen! Diann