Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Keys4Art2012 -- Two Days With Lynne Perrella!

Thanks to Elena's drive and tenacity, Keys has grown from a group of art friends getting together to make art and share ideas, to an event which, while still true to the original concept, also includes classes from well known mixed media artists.  Last year we were fortunate to learn from Ingrid Djikers, Julie Nutting and Beatriz Furquhar-Guzman.  This year, we had two wonderful artists, and this post will focus on the one and only Lynne Perrella.

Living in New York City, only a couple of hours from Lynne's home, I have been lucky enough to take many classes with her, and I was thrilled that my far flung art sisters would have that opportunity too.  Lynne designed a class just for us, based on the feedback she got from Elena, and called the two day workshop "Go For Baroque."  We were to select some images we wanted to work with, make toner copies of each, and bring them to the Keys.  Some chose gypsies, some kings or queens, or other members of royalty.  Johnny Depp and Clark Gable even made an appearance.  Such fun!

After prepping our surfaces (canvas, red rosin paper) with gesso and texture and leaving them to dry, we gathered around the table, introduced ourselves, and hung on every word as Lynne explained her philosophy of art, and shared some samples of her glorious collages.  Check out her website and prepare to be dazzled.

Then we just got busy, adding color with paints, inks, Portfolio brand pastels, and layering more texture with a variety of papers, fibers, and even fabric.  Here are some of our projects, some finished, some still works in progress.  And thanks to Val for being so diligent in her picture taking.  I wouldn't have much to share if I couldn't swipe photos from my friends' blogs.  Speaking of which, for lots more, check out Val's blog as well as Elena's
 Eileen (me!)

 On the left, me working; on the right one of my 12x12 canvases


Another view of Johnny, this one by Jacquie 
Jen's large banner, in progress





The next two are Val's, making baroque work
with steampunk

If I misidentified anything, artist, please let me know.  This has been known to happen.

Lynne spent every minute of each all day (and into the night) class, walking around the room, assisting when asked, and often stopping for a demonstration of a particular technique or use of material.

Tomorrow we invade Key West.  Those spring breakers don't know what's heading their way. 


Hetty said...

Wow, that looks like a wonderful workshop. All the arworks are SUPER!

Vic said...

Fabulous art! TFS

lee said...

I have no idea how you did these but they are amazing!

Anonymous said...

What AMAZING pieces of ART!!!! You can see how much fun you all had!!!

Linda DesGroseilliers said...

What beautiful, colorful pieces!!! I saw Daisy at a mutual friend's birthday party just before she left for the Keys. I told her that we'd corresponded in one of the groups. Your group does absolutely beautiful work. Thanks for sharing!!

Denise said...

What a fun time you all must've had playing together and sharing your love and passion for creating. Love your projects.

blessings, denise :D

Alicia said...

WOW What beautiful and colorful ART everyone produced! IT looks like this year was another blessed event with your ARTing friends! *Hugs*

inge said...

hello Eleen,

I just saw pictures on Elena's blog and here on yours...sigh... I have a few artist i would love to take a class with ( Michelle Ward, Ingrid Dijkers, Nina Bagley,...) but Lynne Perella is sure one I love a lot too.

I discovered her in "true colors" and look forward on her work and articles in somerset studio.
I always wonder how she created the layering and your photos give a little peek into this secret, but just a little peek...

I love all the projects you made with her and having her as a personal teacher.

I hope you once make a step by step blogpost about a project you make inspired by Lynn, so I know a bit more...

I don't think I will ever be able to have a workshop with her, but sure would love to learn from her !

greetings from belgium

teri said...

Love the recap and seeing all our work, eileen. Now to figure out how to link to your blog...

Dorothy said...

Awesome art!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the colorful recap. It was amazing how much happened during those 2 days with Lynne. She really energized us and brought out our very colorful voices.

Chrystal S said...

Just amazing! I know you had so much fun!