Monday, July 1, 2013


Recently someone mentioned how lucky I was to take such great classes in NYC.  While it's true that in the past The Ink Pad occasionally offered wonderful opportunities with well known mixed media artists (opportunities I took advantage of as often as possible), that was pretty much the only venue here in the Big Apple.

Until, that is, my friend Michele opened up her studio and began attracting so many of the world class artists I'd long admired.  And some I didn't know about.....yet.  So, I'm starting off this post with a great big shout out to Michele.  I love that she has filled her calendar with so many diverse classes that are just a short subway ride away.  Even if you don't live in NY, why don't you join her group so you'll be informed of upcoming classes.  Lots of people travel great distances to take a class; last year my good friend Elena flew up from Key Largo to join us for two wonderful days with Ingrid Dijkers.

Yesterday Michele hosted another stained glass workshop with the amazing David Jacobson.  David travels all the way from Michigan to teach us and provides every single thing we need.  I realized early on that this was NOT an art form I'd be doing at home, though I do enjoy it so very much.  How nice to come to a class totally empty handed (and often empty headed, though that doesn't last long; David is very inspiring and motivating), and leaving with a lovely finished product.  As a long time educator myself,  I can tell you, David has the patience of a saint!  And 36 years of creating gorgeous glass pieces.  His specialty is Tiffany lamp reproductions, and his work is outstanding.

Here he is, demonstrating for the class.  You can see how well he equipped the studio for us.

This was my second class with David (and his third time at the studio), and having some basic knowledge of glass cutting, foiling and soldering, I decided that I wanted to try something dimensional.....a hinged box.

Here it is!  I can't believe I made this....with ample help from David, believe me. 

I'd not been having the greatest week, so you can see I chose a very simple design for my lid; only nine pieces of glass to cut and foil.  Pat, on the other hand, went for a simply gorgeous art deco-ish design that had, if I counted correctly, 21 pieces on the lid.  I was only able to get one clear shot, just before David snatched it away to wrap it up for her.
Isn't it fabulous?!
Karen, who I often see at Michele's, is one who has embraced glass and does plan to do projects at home.  She also has the patience and talent to go with that desire.  She made a lovely candle holder, and when she got home she posted a photo of it where it will be living.  Here it is:
Where I simply selected the glass I liked and cut my pieces, Karen took her time and chose just the right part of the glass to cut, so the swirls of color were all going in the direction she wanted.  Wonderful!
And here is where my very plain (but much loved box) will reside, right next to the first piece I completed with David.

I don't know when David will return to NY, but whenever it is, I'll do my best to be there.  BTW, I don't have a link to any of David's work, so I went on a google search.  Came up empty handed, but you wouldn't believe how many David Jacobsons there are in the US who are involved in glass.  If anyone has a link to the CORRECT David Jacobson, kindly let me know.



jacquie said...

I dated a stained glass artist for a while and did some in the past; trust me your work is beautiful. I love Pat's too. You guys amaze me! How sweet that you could share this time and art! I can't wait to join you at Michelle's studio! Hugs. Jacquie

teri flemal said...

We truly are fortunate to be able to take part in wonderful classes like these. I love the way these turned out - looks like fun!

Michele said...

Thank you so much for the shout out, Eileen! I'm so glad you enjoyed David's class. Your piece turned out beautiful - as did Pat's and Karen's. I'm hoping that David will make it back to Little Bird :)

Patzee said...

Not only does David have saintly patience, he establishes a tranquil and empowering atmosphere. No only do I think anything is possible (my own design of 21 pieces for an art deco lid), David makes sure my vision is realized. I love the danger of working with stained glassbecause it pushes everything else out of my brain. Thanks to Michele, I have added another facet to this diamond in the rough.

Gloria said...

Your box is beautiful Eileen! Far from plain!

Elena said...

You are a woman of many talents my friend! At one time I really wanted to learn this beautiful art form. I signed up for classes in Miami but never actually went (they were twice a week for two months! WAY too much of a commitment for me!!). Your beautiful box makes me wish I had done it!! Maybe I will be able to join you the next time!

Laura said...

Oh, wow, what a beautiful piece...I can't believe that you did that in one class! I am so happy to have found Michelle's studio! I can't get over the range of classes and artists she has coming to teach. Before her, I have only ventured to Art-is-You and the Ink pad, but I'll be back soon! I may not be traveling from Florida, but it takes me at least 2 1/2 hours to get there from my house, and believe me, it it worth the trip!