Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dr. Livingstone's Daughter, I Presume?

My friend Sue's field journal continues the explorations of the famed Dr. Livingstone, but this time it is his adventurous daughter Anna Mary traveling the earth.  When I received the book, our heroine was in Africa (Namibia, to be exact) and it is the late nineteenth century .  I decided to keep her in the continent, but moved things along to Morocco.  Many years (decades, really) ago I spent a week in that fascinating country, and I enjoyed looking at some of my old slides to get in the mood.



Patzee said...

What a wonderfully exotic entry.

Lori said...

Good Lord, is that drawing and/or sketching? Lol It's fantastic! Well done!

teri flemal said...

That camel is adorable. And at first I thought the mint was marijuana, which would have made for a very interesting entry for Sue. "We have been enjoying making mint juleps with this unusual strain of mint..."

Sue Young said...

Hee hee Teri!!! I thought that first as well!
Eileen... Love these pages!!!!! Great little sketches!! You managed to put 3 of my fave things here: camels,palms and olives!!!!!
Thank you!
Tried to also postcard comment on the site but the new Yahell refused . Ugh.