Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Documented Life -- Playing Catch Up

The catch up is in the blogging, not the documenting. I've been up to date with The Documented Life Project, but have not sat down to blog for a month. At one time that would have distressed me, but I'm trying to let go of things like that. For whatever reason, I've not wanted to blog. Today I do. I'd like everything in life to seem so simple.

Anyway, this is a brief overview of weeks 19-22.

Prompt 19: do a page about a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) you've done. There was a bit of controversy about this one. Many folks feel RAKs should remain private. But so many of the newbies in the group were anxious to see how more experiences journalers handle each prompt, lots of us put those feelings aside. Mine is a sketch outlined with a Micron pen and then watercolored.

Prompt 20: use a rubber stamp in a new way. I used some stamps (two commercial, the rest carved by me) that I normally stamp with black ink, instead using clear ink and then white embossing powder. I also combined the stamps in a way I never have.

Prompt 21: use embroidery floss on your page. I also did some machine stitching, but all the floss was done by hand, after punching holes with an awl. The entire page is made up of bits and pieces of extra backgrounds, mostly done with my Gelli plate.

Prompt 22: draw, paint, whatever, a house. Hmmmm, seems I already did that for last week's prompt, but here is a completely different kind of house. A beach house I'd love to be in. Sketched, outlined with my Micron, then watercolored.

Now, gotta go finish packing for a four day collage workshop in the beautiful Hudson Valley. I know, I am a lucky duck.


Elena said...

Love them all Eileen!!!!

Lillian said...

always love your work Eileen
miss u

teri flemal said...

Love them all but especially impressed with your sketch and journaling up top. Fabulous!

Sue Young said...

My fave is the beach house!!!!! Great pages!
Enjoy your retreat!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pages. I want to visit that beach house.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you. I love that quote at the top of your blog.