Monday, September 1, 2014

A Documented Life -- What's Black and White?

The latest prompt in The Documented Life Project, that's what. And it coincided with the very happy rediscovery of my favorite hand carved stamps that went missing sometime in April.

They are very simple,  but can be used in so many ways, singly or in combination, depending on their orientation.

I stamped several sheets of white paper, using an india ink stamp pad, then cut the pages into 1" strips.

The strips were then cut into 1" squares.

I played around with their placement, and finally settled on the above design.

The silhouette was done with a Dyan Reaveley stencil (by Ranger) in black acrylic paint. One of the things I like most about silhouette stencils, as opposed to stamps,  is that you can use it on either side, so your silhouette can face in the direction you want.

I finished it off with an outline of white machine stitching. I'm toying with the idea of adding one pop of color, maybe a red hat, but haven't made up my mind. 


Patzee said...

Love this page and how you used your very versatile stamp to make mosaic tiles. Guess who also used her carved stamps for this week's challenge.

Sue Young said...

Very creative Eileen. Love the white stitching!!!
I agree that a pop of red would be cool!

ArtsCrafts andScraps said...

wow!!! this is awesome! Love it!

Soonymary said...

Fabulous page and such a creative way to use your own stamps...just love it!

Brigitte Pugliese said...

great page, love it!