Sunday, September 28, 2008

CD Art

No, I don't mean a CD full of art projects. I'm talking about recycling unwanted CDs and turning them into jewelry. First, use a sanding block to remove the silver from the CD surface. It comes off quite easily. I just held the CD over my kitchen sink, sanded away, and then washed the mess down the drain. Then, using regular scissors, cut the CD into whatever shapes you like. I found that it cuts easily, but you can hold the CD (with tongs!) in some hot water to soften it a bit if you have trouble. I rounded the edges of my shapes, again with plain scissors, and lightly sanded the edges as well.

Next step, paint the sanded side with acrylic or craft paint. One or two coats, depending on the thickness of the paint. Then I stamped (I used Stampin' Up stamps) with black pigment ink, applied clear embossing powder and heat set.

I next pressed the entire shape into a Versamark pad, applied more clear embossing powder and heat set again.

Final step, punch a hole (my Crop-A-Dile did this in a snap), attach a jump ring, and you have a pendant! I used four shapes for this necklace.


Heidi Davenport said...

I LOVE this! I so need one of these!!!

Melissa said...

So this is what CD bling looks like. I love it! It think they'd make some great earrings too. :)

Roxie's mama said...

wonderful work! so awesome!! :) Corris