Sunday, November 23, 2008

PID Monthly Theme Swap

My PID yahoo group got so busy with swaps, jams, mingles, challenges, techniques, etc. that a sub group was formed for those of us who do a lot of sharing. FYI, here are some definitions:

swap: create a given number of pieces, send them to the swap host who then distributes them
to all participants

jam: we've been playing with three people; the first person creates a background on 3 ATCs and
sends all three to the next person. Person #2 adds a focal image and sends all 3 on to the
last person, who adds embellishments and sends them back to person #1. Then person #1
adds the finishing touches and keeps one card and sends the other 2 to the jam partners.
This can take weeks to finish, but in the end you have a collaborative piece that is a real
treasure. I've participated in several jams and I just love them.

mingle: a theme is announced, you create your piece and post a picture of it in the album. If you
decide to mingle out your piece you sign up and are given the name of someone to send it
to, just as someone has been given your name. I almost always mingle out my pieces
because I love getting new art in the mail!

Back to the monthly swap.....We just completed one using the PID image of Sarah, a lovely vintage photo. It was a 5/5 swap, meaning we each created five ATCs and received 5 in return. I think I love these swaps the most because it is so interesting to see how differently we all use the same image.

Above is my Sarah swap. I used the faux tin ceiling technique, minus the scoring for the background, and put Sarah in a frame that is dotted with a little bling. I added the ribbon on top, trying to give it the look of an old portrait hanging on a wall.

This is Angie's Sarah:
The next one was done by Brenda:

Dianna's Sarah:Our wonderful swap host Elena did this one:

Kim's Sarah:
Check out the group ( and join us!

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