Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jewelry and Journals

I just completed my first pages in my circle book group, Through The Eyes of An Artist. These pages are for JJ, who requested that a frog be somewhere in the pages we do for her. The first is my art page: Side by side with it, is my journaling page, which is supposed to say a little something about me and describe the process involved in doing these pages:If I have to include a frog, he sure better be wearing a crown! JJ's journal is now on its way to Tracy in Washington state.

I also found some time to play a little more with my Tim Holtz hardware. Love the whole idea-ology line, especially how easy it is to turn these pieces into jewelry. A favorite cousin has a birthday coming up. Don't know if this piece is going to her, or one I haven't even made yet, but here's my latest "grunge art" creation:
While I'm on the subject of Tim Holtz, he recently did a video tutorial on his website on using canned air and alcohol inks. Crazy, huh? I finally got a can (buying air, go figure!) and played a little. Nutty, but love the effect:


Elaine A said...

Eileen -

Your stuff is awesome, as usual. I like that canned air project, really very artsy.

Elaine Allen

Ann said...

Love your book pages..I really like the touch with the hangar on the side that holds the charm!
The necklace is awesome!
Never thought of using canned a great look.

teri said...

I cannot BELIEVE how busy you have been. You are one creative lady. I've been away for a bit and going through what I missed now. I never stop being amazed at all the things you are into!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Fabulous pages and jewelry!!