Sunday, April 5, 2009

Recent Art

Just realized I haven't posted anything in nearly a week...been busy trying to keep up with all the projects I've committed myself to. I'm in two circle books and just signed on for a third, which will take off in a month or so. I love doing those. My Stampin' Up team has grown so large, that our monthly swaps have become a challenge to get done on time. At April's team meeting I have to come up with swaps for 19! And our focus is to use a technique or stamp we've never used before.
I also had a design team challenge for PID due, several swaps, and of course our weekly mingles.
Here is some of what has been keeping me busy; these are all pages I've done for different members of my All Things Tim round robin book:
This is for Estrella's book; her theme is celebrations. I think that creating art is a great celebration of life, so that inspired me to do this:
Sandi didn't specify a theme for her book, and this is what I came up with:
Gloria wanted vintage. I think I achieved that here:

Laurel wanted either the word heart or a heart image on her pages:

And Barbara wanted nothing cutesy. She wanted spooky!

Can't wait to see what's happening on my pages!


Anonymous said...

These are all great! At some point, I've got to get involved one of the ATT swaps ...maybe the grungepaper one, after my order arrives.

I wore your pendant yesterday, as a necklace - and received many compliments on it. Thank you again!

Heidi Davenport said...

Gorgeous as always! I am trying to do a better job of writing on my blog! Let's help keep each other motivated with that! :)

teri said...

I really love your various backgrounds, Eileen. I've been away in Florida and just checking up now but it looks like you've been busy!

Ann said...

All wonderful pieces!!
Understandable why you haven't writtten on your blog...worth the wait to see what you've been up to.