Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I love this stuff! I signed up for a swap on ATT and wasn't sure what to do. It's a freestyle swap, meaning we can do anything as long as it is made of grungepaper.

Some time ago I found a set of miniature antique postcards of Venice Italy. The cardboard holder they came in fascinated me. With just a few simple folds, it held all the cards together without the need for any adhesive.

I modified that design a bit to accomodate cards the size of an ATC or business card. And since the name of this group is All Things Tim, I used some of Tim's idea-ology hardware as well. Some flowers for decoration and....this is the part that makes me pat myself on the back....a hitch fastener as a closure. It works perfectly! A standard sized hole punch made an opening on the flap that fits exactly over the fastener. And it does stay closed! No glue required.

I am a very happy (and covered with ink) camper (or is that stamper??).


Elaine A said...

Can we say genius at work here? Utterly beautiful and fantastic Eileen. What a wonderful gift for someone.

Thanks for sharing
Elaine Allen

crystal said...

Wonderfully simple and useful!!
Great job..Love them!!!
I wonder why Grunge and not a little hippie?;)

Cheryl said...

Elaine these are simply wonderful! You always have such terrific work to share.

Wanda H said...

Way, Way Cool!!!! Love these, Eileen!! I'll have to think about this swap... not sure if I have the time for anything else this summer.

Heidi Davenport said...

These are super, super cute!!!

Linda Cain said...

WONDERFUL little project!!! Tim would be soooooo proud of you. You must send him a picture. I KNOW he will immediately send a message back....do it, girl!


inge said...

hello Eileen,

thanks for passing by at pInkepinke and your comment on my Poppy tutorial !
They are fun to make, but one "but"... you get really inky fingers and I had problems washing it off so I went to school with red-orange fingertips...:)

I like your grungepaperenvelops ! I saw them on ATT and maybe I sign in too for a swap... would love to recieve one of your beauties !!
I just have not figured out yet what I should make with the grungepaper... maybe I start with my poppies as a first step..

greetings from belgium

Theresa said...

Saw this on Linda Cain's blog....this is amazing! What a wonderful gift.....hey - my birthday is coming soon! (lol! Just kidding!!)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these card holders. I assume the top is embossed?? I don't have a way to do that, but I'd love to try something like this. Awesome job!

Ann said...

these are wonderful! bought some of Tim's hitch fasteners some time ago,but really wasnt sure how to use them,you've have opened these eyes to a great idea. They are lovely!

Dorothy said...

Those are soooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Eileen.....I LOVE that!!!! Isn't Grunge paper to coolest stuff!!!!

Anonymous said...

So creative and inspiring. You ARE my art hero. :-)

Micupoftea~ said...

COOL! thx for sharing this idea :)