Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jewelry Inspired by Tim Holtz

I'm sure you've guessed by now that I love Tim's work. In a recent blog post, he wrote about a project that he's involved with. Along with MANY other artists, Tim was asked to create a charm that would be part of a larger work to be raffled off for charity. All the completed charms were attached to an almost life sized art doll, and the money raised will be donated to cancer research. A worthy cause with or without the incentive of possibly winning this awesome doll.

I was not only moved to make a donation, but to create a charm (which I turned into a pin) myself. I loved the little bird's nest Tim did and have blatantly copied that idea.

For the mantra: "art saves lives"....I used Scrabble Tiles, scanned the words, reduced them in size, and attached them to my inchie charm base.

Do check out Tim's blog, click on the link to the "Ties That Bind" charity, make a donation, then scroll through the site and admire some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I've ever seen.


Wanda H said...

Fabulous charm, Eileen!!!

Sara Carns said...

Ohhh... I LOVE THIS!!!! Totally awesome, and I was moved to donate, too! Great job on your pin, I might have to copy your copy!!! lol!

Shelly Hickox said...

This is gorgeous!!

Elaine A said...

Eileen -

This is just awesome! I absolutely love it.

Elaine Allen

Anonymous said...

Love it!! would go so well with my grungepaper flower ... lol

Kathy Eddy said...

This si so cute. I would love to know how to make one. any chance of a tutorial???? Please! Kathy Eddy

crystal said...

I think that it is so cool that you participated!!
Gosh i got Tim Holtz dvd and was very overwhelmed at first,but your Pin is are so talented;)

inge said...

hello Eileen,

nice charm ! I especially like the way you speckled the eggs !

I'm a bit behind on reading blogs, EVEN on Tim's.. so I do this right now !

greetings from Belgium
PS : nice to put a face on a name !! I've seen you name a lot on posts at ATT, but you look completely different than I imagined. I had the idea that you were a blond ...LOL

Cheryl said...

Such a wonderful piece. I have to find time to play with my 'Tim' stuff. I always love looking at the goodies you have made.