Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vintage Beauty

Jason from ATT hosted a vintage photo page swap, and yesterday I received all the pages......they are all gorgeous!  Sometimes in these multi-player page swaps you get a page or two that are....well, how do I put this?  Not as great as the others?  Underwhelming?  You get the idea.  Not this time.  Honestly, I love them all, so much so, that I wasted no time in getting them bound together.
My one and only complaint....four fabulous artist did not identify themselves!  As soon as they step forward and claim their pages, I will insert their names.  ****NOTE:  I believe all pages are now properly identified, but if any of my information is incorrect, please let me know.****
Here is my precious book:
 Jason's Cover....he did one for each of us!
Cover with door opened
 My page
 Unknown :(   Sue Stoughton's Page
Inge's Page
Unknown :(   Joyce Norman's Page
Jason's Page
Pamela B.'s Page
Gail's Page
Pam A.'s Page
Unknown :(  Liz Walters' Page
Unknown :(  Lisa's Page
Ellen's Page
Kim's Page
My great friend Pat's Page
Penci's Page
Deb's Page
Nancy M.'s Page
Jan's Page
Sue B.'s Page
Gloria's Page

I have to say, I only snapped pix of the fronts, and the backs are every bit as gorgeous.  Hmmmm...maybe I'll do a page back post another time.


Jason said...

I love it and yes I think you need to do the backs, because as you said they are just as nice.


SusanK said...

Would love to see the backs; the fronts are absolutely gorgeous! Great job, everybody!

Helen said...

Great pages, please show us the backs too, if they are as glorious as these! I hope the shy artists come forward so you can rightly praise them!!

Kerry said...

Wow! Fantastic!

Tammy D said...

These are fabulous!

Erin Glee said...

Thank you for sharing these beauties with us~GREAT PAGES EVERYONE! And yes, please, the backs too (when you have "spare" time)....
Don't be shy, claim the one's you did, Mystery Artist's!

Lori said...

Wonderful works of ART! Love all of them! Yeah, I agree, we MUST see the backs!

Inge said...

Hello Eileen,

I'm so glad you posted the fronts already ... yes, I want the backs too :)

I know mine are on their way ( fingers crossed they DON'T get lost !!) and first I wanted to wait and recieve them as a surprise, but I'm glad that I looked at your website...

The longing for them has just become bigger ! I want to see them very close, feel them, smell them,...

You're right : they ALL are "top" this time and I'm absolutely going to use Jason's front page as my frontpage too. I'm glad I didn't make one yet !

It gave me an idea for the backpage too... I think I'm going to scan all the photos on the pages and make a grid with them for the back so it matches the front.

I'm so glad you posted : it puts a smile on my face knowing what I will recieve :)

greetings from belgium

PS: I started on the halloween pennants... you are not in ... or not yet ? Come on, I want one of yours ! :)

Patzee said...

I am so lucky to have participated in this swap--it was a challenge because I don't make many collages. And sure enough, I pushed myself and I am very happy to have so many fine examples of collage art right in my hands. Eileen, thanks for posting the unsigned collages.

Dorothy said...

These are all soooo pretty!!

Jason said...

The purple page with the baby and teddy bear is Liz's page

Sherry Goodloe said...

You can do that back page post after you come over to my blog and give your acceptance speech - ROTFL!

Those pages are GORGEOUS! What a nice swap that was :)

Nancy Lynn said...

Very very nice pages. And yes, you must show the backs of them. Good job everyone.

Sue Young said...

Thee are really gorgeou pages Eileen!I think I shoud be in this group! Sue

inge said...

hello Eileen,

my book is sewed together and I'm looking for all the names.
I just noticed you have another page than me from Gloria ! Probably she made different ones.

The page with the woman with hat and purple flowers is from Joyce Norman. Probably she signed my page.

greetings from Belgium