Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Artistic Evolution Begins

We're getting ready to embark on yet another collaborative art journal project.  And by we, I mean the usual suspects, who gladly hop on board any and every artistic adventure that our friend and ringleader Elena dreams up.

This one is called Artistic Evolution, and each of us starts with a chipboard journal that looks like this (these three photos courtesy of Val):

You can see that the pages look like steps, each an inch larger than the one that came before. (All are 6" high and the longest is just under 11" long).  There are 3 sets of these steps, so that each of the 15 participants will get a two page spread in everyone else's book, plus two single pages in their own.  Here's a top view:

And in this shot, you can really see the size progression.  You can also see Val's hand with the colorful fingernails.  Val, in her usual generous way, cut and assembled the books for all of us!

We each had the option to pick a color theme, which I did.  Here's why.....because of the nature of the differently sized pages, parts of artist #1's work will peek through when you're looking at artist #2's pages, and so on.  I figured though the content and style would evolve (evolve....evolution....get it?  understand the name now?) at least the colors would remain the same and give the book a cohesive look.  Having said that, a few brave souls have opted to allow everyone to use any and all colors, and you know what?  I'll bet those books will be spectacular.  But in all cases, the evolution from artist to artist is key, and everyone will have to be mindful of what came before. 

I'm really looking forward to the February launch, and have completed my covers, my opening page and sign in page.  I selected turquoise, olive green, and chocolate brown for my color scheme, and once I started I realized I'd made the right decision for myself.  I LOVE how these colors work together.

So, without further blah blah blah, here is my contribution to Eileen's Artistic Evolution:

                                                                          Front Cover

The Inside of the Front Cover

My Art Page (right after the front cover)

View of the inside front cover along side my art page. You can
see a bit of the blank page behind my art page.  The next artist will
have to keep that in mind while creating.  Fun!

These are the two blank pages the next artist will work on. You
can see a bit of my inside front cover on the left.  The artist will
have to incorporate that into her work.  Cool!

This is the very last page in the book, and I'm using it as my artist sign in page.

The inside back cover

The outside back cover (don't know why this came out so blurry, and I retook it
several times with the same result).

I incorporated lots and lots of techniques in my covers and pages.  I inked, painted, embossed and otherwise altered plain and patterned paper.  Colored paper towels were used, as were scraps from previous projects.  There is colorwash and perfect pearls mists, rubber stamping (I'm sure you die hards recognize some of Tim's and Wendy's stamps), die cutting, rub-ons, ribbons, machine stitching, doodling, stenciling, masking.........

When I started, I did not have a theme (besides the colors) in mind, but suddenly there were birds everywhere.  I can't wait to see what evolves.  Maybe my birds will become horses or houses or people or flowers or........whatever my wonderful artist friends want.  Doesn't this sound like the best journey????!!!!!!  Can you tell I'm excited? 


Sherri Auld said...

Eileen this will turn into the most amazing journal ever! Your colors and teriffic - I can't wait to see what happens next!

Elaine A said...

Eileen -

Loving this artistic evolution of yours! What wonderful work and such fun colors. Love your artist sign in page and all those cute birds in your journal. Great job!

Elaine Allen

Dorothy said...

Wow! Thats fabulous!!! Great idea!

Elena said...

Your journal is FANTASTIC!!! I haven't even LOOKED at mine yet!!!

Love the colors and you KNOW I love birds!!!

Wanda H said...

This is awesome!!! A fabulous start to your book!! What fun to work on everyone elses and see the progressions!!! Totally fun time!!! What did Val use to make the books?

Alicia said...

What an amazing piece of artwork this will be when completed! *Hugs*

Diann said...

Eileen, your ARTistic Evolution book will turn out to be a treasure...I'm already so impressed with just the ART you have done. I can't wait to see it completed and hope you will share.
The colors you have chosen are great too! Diann

Vic said...

Beautiful so far!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

OH WOW...Love what you've done so far and he way the pages are!!

lee said...

Great work!

Anonymous said...

Oh how exciting indeed!!! I LOVE what you've done so far!!! I can't wait to see the completed of your Evolution project!!!

Patzee said...

Your color choice is unusual, and the results are stunning! Artistic Evolution is a great theme and your pages have super cool techniques. This collaborative journal is off to a great start!!

Debby said...

What a cool journal and a great project! You are lucky to have reliable friends to create art with. Looking forward to seeing it when it is all done and the work you will do in others' journals. Wendy's new stamps will be perfect for this!

Miek said...

I became a follower!
I love your journal the colors , are the colors i use the most.
This is fabulous

Lori said...

Off to a whiz bang start, I'd say! I'd use more emphatic terminology, but you never know when small children might be reading your blog. Fantastic color choice, love the blues/greens and brown is my fave color. Fantastic work, and I can't wait to see the rest of the journey!

inge said...

Hello Eileen,

thanks for showing your evolution book ! I still have to start on mine, but now I see which pages I have to work on before sending it off ...:)

Your backgrounds are stunning : I really wish I could see this one in real and hold in my hands and ask you how you did this, and how you did that ?...
You know I love layered and colored backgrounds ! Hint, hint for you when you are working in my book....:)

Nice colorcombination too : I love the green and the blue but the brown works very well with it.

You had indeed something with birds on this one :)
I'm curious what evolution they will have before I have to work in it !

greetings from belgium