Sunday, July 17, 2011

Got Inky.....Finally!

I had the chance to get a little inky yesterday and it sure does feel good.  Until I get my family stuff squared away it will be hit and miss, but I'm determined to steal some creative moments when and where I can.

I've been in a background technique swap, and did this easy and (I think) interesting one for my friend Inge in Belgium.  I'm calling it Dryer Sheet Delight, because we're supposed to give our creations a name and that one, though admittedly kind of dorky, at least gives you a hint as to what's involved.

Glue used dryer sheets to a light colored piece of cardstock, overlapping and leaving some wrinkles in for texture.  You should be able to cover an 8 1/2 x 11" piece with 2 or 3 sheets.  Use a white glue that dries clear, and cover the dryer sheets with another coat of it.

When the glue dries, spray with 2 to 4 colors of your favorite spray.  On this one I used Adirondack Color Wash in lettuce and sunset orange, and Perfect Pearls Mists in blue smoke.

As a final touch, I loaded a paintbrush with Golden Fluid Acrylics in raw umber, smacked it against my hand to create the splatters and dots.

I also had a chance to work on Jacquie's Marie Antoinette journal.  Jacquie challenged us with her theme.....Sex And The we were free to place Marie in more modern times.  I think that Marie Antoinette and Carrie Bradshaw share a shoe obsession, so I went with that.  Oh, the other challenge, is that Jacquie's entire journal is made of canvas.  (By the way, Ranger's Glue N Seal worked perfectly on this material).  We each had two facing pages to do, and here are mine:

I found the image of Sarah Jessica Parker (AKA Carrie Bradshaw) on google, and those red heels called to me.  To make the very trendy Ms. B more Marie-like I plunked a bunch of flowers in her hair.  On the second page I created some special shoes from some very pretty Prima paper, and paraphrased a quote from the TV show.  The actual quote was about it being hard to walk in a SINGLE WOMAN'S shoes, so I just changed it to a QUEEN'S shoes.


Elena said...

Love the background Eileen! Your pages for Jacquie are awesome! She will love it!

Socrates said...

This is just too funny. Brilliant job. Love the red shoes.

Patzee said...

Welcome back to the inky side! Your dryer sheets are so colorful! And Carrie B never looked so good. Her Manolo B's are rocking it Queen Marie style.

inge said...

Hello Eileen,

I hope you get your mom settled and that she feels happy where she is then, quite close to you, even when she doesn't always understand what's happening to her...

Hey, this page is for me !!!! :)
I read a lot about using dryer sheets, but still haven't done anything with them. Your page will probably pull me over the line !
I'm looking forward to recieving my portfolio filled with real backgrounds, a constant source of inspiration for future projects !

I've never seen Sex in the city, but I can imagine MA would have felt comfortable in this environment !
Great how you have changed her hair with the flowers and the use of the quote !

Lori said...

That background is awesome, and the Sex and the City meets Marie is so cool I can't stand it...totally awesome, and I think Sarah J P would to see you're back, even if only for a moment!

Sue Young said...

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's baaaaaaaaaaaaack!
We have missed you!
Love the drier sheets as well as Marie!

teri said...

I love the idea of using dryer sheets for texture, and I love your Carrie Antoinette. You're so funny.

Diann said...

I'm loving your Dryer Sheet Delight background paper! Your Marie ART is just wonderful! I hope you can always find time to ART but understand about taking care of family! Diann