Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm Back.....Sort Of

I am home, but not really back in the swing of things.  Still have quite a few family issues to sort out, and it feels like AGES since I've gotten any ink on my fingers, but I am home, and that is a good thing.

On July 3, the older of my two nieces was married, and we all trekked upstate to be a part of this joyous event.  I just want to share a few photos, not of the wedding so much as to show off some of the talents of these young women.

Julianne, the younger niece finished college (RPI no less) in three years, did a semester of law school, then became a pastry chef, and is now doing something in the business world.  And she hasn't even hit age 23 yet.  She did the cake for the groom at the rehearsal dinner:

It was delicious, and I thought using cupcakes as billiard balls was very creative.

Elise (the bride) and her "team" did the invitations, the table centerpieces, the sashes for the chairs, and probably lots of other things I don't know about.  Elise herself did her own bouquet and all the flowers for the bridal party.  And no live flowers were harmed in the creation of these masterpieces.

Here is her bouquet, made entirely of vintage and not so vintage costume jewelry:

The wedding party had beaded flowers and I'm sorry I didn't get any shots of those. 

Elise is creative and definitely moves to the very original beat of her own drum.  Check out the shoes she wore:

White dress, yes.   White shoes, not so much.

And after the obligatory formal pictures, both bride and groom got comfy:

The bride and groom, Elise and Jason, followed by the maid of honor, Julianne, and her fiance Chris.  Another wedding this January!  My poor brother, LOL!

I hope to be in a position to do some art and post it soon, but you know, family first. 


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Eileen!!! Love the pics of the bouquet and the bride and groom!!!! ART is definately indwelled in your famiy!! LOVE IT!!!

Nancy Lynn said...

I have never seen a bridal bouquet like that in my life. I absolutely love love love it. Wow. And the cake is brilliant too....haven't seen anything like that either. Wow, I love it when people just do their thing. Thanks for sharing.

Vic said...

Great pics! I love those bouquets, no two are ever alike. Great to see a post from you!

Elena said...

Love ALL of it!!! Adore the bouquet!!! Gotta love the blue shoes!!! I think I would really like your niece!

lee said...

Thanks for sharing, enjoyed the wedding!

Valerie B. said...

MAN do I live that flower bouquet. What a very cool idea. LOVE that your niece wore blue shoes. Was that her "blue" part of the poem that everyone does? (You know.... something borrowed, something blue....)

Dorothy said...

Glad your home! Nice pictures!!

patzee2000 said...

What a cool idea for a wedding bouquet! I see creativity runs in your family. Glad you're back in your crafty kingdom.

Lisa said...

Love those shoes! Ha ha... She's tops in my book! What a genius idea about the bouquet. I love to see others put their own spin on things and make it all their own style. TFS!

Sherry Goodloe said...

That bridal bouquet was just fab-u-lous! And that CAKE? how creative with the cupcakes! But I think one of my favorite photos on this post was the one where they had changed into those "wedding sneakers" *smiles*

Thanks for stopping by earlier! xoxo

grannypoppy said...

The bridal bouquet is amazing ... so original creative! With a "bling" drawer that is overflowing with sparkly old jewellery, it would be perfect to turn it into a bouquet! Mmmmm?

It was almost a year ago that I first found your blog and was blown away by your talent. Couldn't wait to meet you on the cruise ... and your ATC didn't disappoint! Make sure to keep one for me this year!

Hopefully, things will settle down and you can get back to your crafting... I'll look forward to see what you get up to!

craftyM said...

Yep... I'm likin' your niece. Very creative spunk that girl has! LOVE LOVE LOVE the creative bouquet AND the shoes! She comes by her creativity naturally, I'm sure! VERY FUN! I love people who dare to be different and do their own thing!

inge said...

Hello Eileen,

I always love to see how you make your cakes in the US !
I don't know if they always are tasty, but I love how they are decorated.
Wow, your niece has done a good job on the cake.

What I like most about your story is that they made so many things themselves instead of buying stuff.

I've seen this kind of bouquet before in a magazine ( I think in "where women create") and I really like this. I watched the website of the designer then and they cost looots of money.

The bride made a unique bouquet for herself that will last very long ànd maybe become a piece of heritage that she can pass on to daughers ?...

I love the color of her blue weddingshoes, but the bride and the groom are a couple to my heart when I saw their sneakers !

I hope you had a great weddingparty between such creative family !

greetings from belgium

Bethan said...

What brilliant ideas! So very clever...obviously runs in the family!
That snooker cake idea is going to get 'borrowed'!!!!

Lori said...

That bouquet is AWESOME! What a cool idea! Makes for a memorable occasion when folks do their own thing...I love it!

Nancy said...

I hope everything settles for you soon, Eileen - I know how stressful the family matters can be.
I love your nieces' creativity! And the "Chucks" at the wedding - too cool! We're a "stars" family, too. (lol)

LaStamper said...

So nice to see your post. And sharing the wedding pix just tops it all. Creativity really is a family trait. TFS