Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Loves of Marie Antoinette

So reads the title of my friend Inge's Marie journal, the last Marie book I have to work in.  It took me a while to decide which of Marie's loves to, family, Versailles, cake?  In the end, I chose jewelry, and I did have an ulterior motive.

Over a year ago, when I was still on the PID design team, I did several projects using their Marie images.  One was a bracelet, and as I was making it, it was in my mind that I would use it in one of the Marie journals.  I think we had just recently started that group.  For one reason or another, it never felt quite right in the other books, but I had a feeling it would find its way into Inge's book.  And so it did.

First, here is the bracelet.  The band is fabric, decorated with beads and other baubles and some funky fibers.  The Ranger memory frame holds a small picture of Marie which was covered with Crackle Accents.

So, my concept is, Marie loves beautiful jewelry.....especially when it contains her own image.  And here are my two pages:

I used Distress Stains, Colorwash, and Perfect Pearls mists to get the colors in the backgrounds.  On page one, I added stamping to create my own patterned paper.  The image of Marie was an internet find.....found, I think by Val.....and she is colored with markers and embellished with Liquid Pearls and glaze pens.

Both pages have a gold embossed leafy border (Wendy Vecchi stamp).  I didn't further decorate the second page because I wanted the bracelet to be the focal point.  I attached it with easily untied gauze so if Inge actually wants to wear it, she can.

So, for me at least, no more Marie journals to work in.  The queen is finished, long live the queen!


Lillian Mederak said...

Love those Eileen and the bracelet is fabulous !!!

Elena said...

This is awesome Eileen!! Inge will LOVE it!!!! Damn! I HATE going after you!!!!!!

inge said...

Hello Eileen,
WOW... I'm speachless ( almost...LOL)

It's great that the bracelet is really wearable ! I think I'll wear it on a "girly" occassion.
I'm glad you didn't use it in the other journals :)

I love that it is a focalpoint on the page. The golden leafstamps do border it, but still attracts the attention to the bracelet.

You know how I love layered backgrounds :)

Just one person to go... I think this journal will be part of the book exhibition in a local library in october !
People will be astonished by all you work you all did !
Roundrobins like this are not known here, so this will be a revelation.

Thanks for you precious bracelet and your pages !

greetings from belgium

Diann said...

Just wonderful pages Eileen! The bracelet is fantastic .. Love this! Diann

Elaine A said...

Beautiful Eileen! Inge is going to be so happy when she sees your pages. And she will be blown away by that gorgeous bracelet!

Elaine Allen

Anonymous said...

Oh how COOL Eileen...and to have it on public display is AMAZING!!!!!

Socrates said...

Haha, that is just fabulous. What a gorgeous bracelet... Nicely done.

Marilyn Harris Mills aka Maer said...

gorgeous bracelet..way to go!

Kerry said...

Beautiful! I absolutely adore your work and love the Marie journal. The bracelet is gorgeous!

Vic said...

Great pages! I remember the bracelet and it looks great on the book.

teri said...

Will you miss marie? I really LOVE that bracelet, Eileen. Totally wearable, and such a creative way to put the pages together.

Peggy B said...

Positively Awesome!!!!!!
I love the vintage shabby chic look...BUT..I also love glitz and fibers!!! And you have certainly made a beautifully glitzy bracelet to die for!!!!!

Dorothy said...

Totally fantastic!!!

Lori said...

Spectacular friend! Love the bracelet! That makes these pages really unique, and I can see Inge is loving it already!

Patzee said...

Such colorful pages for such a colorful lady. Your bracelet rocks, and looks great on the page!

Marjie Kemper said...

The bracelet is stunning! Love the way you've included it on the page yet left it removable. I'm sure she WILL be removing it right away!

MrCachet said...

I'm here via Seth and his Style File, and a bit behind due to travel. Your art is fresh and I enjoy anyone who has the courage (and time) to tackle a journal.