Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Inspiration, A Wonderful Guest Teacher, And Another Steampunk Tag

Today's in depth review of some of yesterday's techniques from Jennifer McGuire's online class was fun, and I'm already thinking about how to use a few of them on this year's holiday cards. 

But, I have to tell you, (no surprise here), the biggest thrill was a bonus technique from Tim Holtz.  It involves grungepaper, distress stains and distress crackle paint, and it got me so excited I started cutting shapes at 5:00am!

I hope you can see the awesome texture on these on the photo for a closer view.  BTW, if you have a base tray you can fit an awful lot of the mini movers and shapers on it to cut at one time with very little waste of the grungepaper.  I just had the most fun all morning, making these, and now I'll have plenty of embellishments on hand for future projects.

Yesterday I did another steampunk tag for the upcoming swap on ATT.

The background paper is from a stack my friend (and ATT list mom) Gloria sent me a while back.  I believe it is DCWV.  I punched some holes along the right side so that's another paper peeking through.  The lovely lady is one of Graphic45's Steampunk least from the waist up.  I combined her with the bottom part of Tim's dressform stamp. 

The gears are a mix of idea-ology pieces and die cuts (those mini movers and shapers again), which were colored with black paint and then dabbed with copper.  Recognize that bird on her mechanical arm?  Yes, it's one from today's online class, and I couldn't resist adding it to this tag.

Oh, and I just have to week from today I'll be winging it to Florida for the Tim Holtz cruise to the Caribbean.  Can't wait to take the classes and see all my crafty friends.  ONE WEEK!!!!


Anonymous said...

These are all so can tell you're having alot of fun with what you're learning from her class!!!

donna!ee said...

gorgeous steampunk the grunge! blest be :)

Tammy D said...

That seriously the most awesome tag ever!

Nancy Lynn said...

The Steampunk Tag is wonderful. I hope you have a great time on your cruise.

Helen said...

Gorgeous creations, that tag is amazing. Have a great time on the cruise.

Vic said...

Super tag!!

Candy C said...

All of the things you featured on your blog are really cool! Love your steampunk tag. It's way way cool. <3 Candy

Barb said...

AWESOME TAG!... love it to bits!

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Fabulous tag. I haven't had a chance to play with those techniques yet.

Lisa :) said...

That tag is great!!! Love the way the gears look!

Sherly said...

awesome !

Lori said...

These tags are awesome! And, I'm in that class, but have yet to catch up to the video's even. lol. The embellishments look really cool, now I just need a little time to play! One week???? Yikes!

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