Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Ancestor Turns Up

Although not due to be passed on for another month, I had the time and an idea, so I worked on Jen's Vintage Ancestor book last weekend.  Jen requested we find her some babies or children when digging at the roots of her family tree, and I was happy to comply.

Note:  Jen has her very interestingly shaped pages on rings, and instead of flipping horizontally, they flip vertically.  Just thought you should know that. 

Jen started things off with a cabinet card of a baby by the name of Caiterine, and on my pages, she makes a reappearance, a decade later, and under drastically different circumstances.

Here is Caiterine, surrounded by lace.  I have so much of that stuff set aside for my Vintage Lace group, I just had to use some for this page.  There's something about vintage photos of little girls that just calls for some frou-frou.

And here is the story (which does explain the appearance of the cat).

Just in case the text is hard to read in the full photo......

By the way, the comment about the prissy cousins refers back to something Elena wrote on the pages that came before mine.  It's fun to figure out ways to continue the story's thread.
I know Jen like pink and Jen likes girly, so I'm thinking she'll like what I did. 


teri said...

Ooooh, I love this one. Very feminine and girlish. I think these lacebooks are corrupting you...

Karen said...

You did a fantastic job. Every time I see a post I get excited about seeing my book when it returns home. This has been such a fun project.

Socrates said...

You are becoming the queen of lace and frou frou. This is gorgeous. Fun!

Lori said...

LIKE it! She'll LOVE it! Wow, you are really rocking these lace pages! LOVE all the stuff you've been creating!

Patzee said...

Love the frou frou and innocence--quite a stretch. I can't wait to get my hands on this journal and introduce a dash of grungy reality.

Elena said...

This LOOKS like Jen!!!! Fabulous job Eileen!!!

CuddlyBunny said...

Superb art!

And the "diary" is fun!

craftyM said...

Now THIS is what I anticipated for this Vintage Ancestors journal... but then I am the Queen of Lace lovers and do dahs!Just lovely, Eileen.
Oh do-dah day!

Gail said...

Love this Eileen. Love the story and the lace. Great job! Looking forward to the next page you create.
Gail in Oklahoma

Jennifer R.D. said...

Hi Eileen!
Yes! I certainly DO LOVE the pages you did for me!
Very girly, lacey, and what a cool story she has to tell!
Thank you girlfriend!
Jen oxox