Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Sketchbook Project, 2013 Edition

This is my third year of submitting a book to the Sketchbook Project, and it was a close call. Life really got in the way and I wasn't sure I'd get it in the mail on time, but I did. And I got the confirmation email that it was received and catalogued. I look forward to visiting the library in the spring with my also participating friends to see as many books as possible. I have many online art friends I may never get to meet, but every year I do get to enjoy their sketchbooks.
I had chosen the theme "Travelog" because I envisioned doing sketches and watercolors wherever I went. Trouble is, I really didn't go many places and didn't do too much sketching. However, I did take a lot of classes, go on several retreats, and made a lot of art. So I transformed my book into a travelog of my projects.
My original cover (no picture) was of passport stamps but I covered that with a collage made of scraps from many of the things I did.
The inside of the front cover lists key words in my artistic journey:
My travels were more mental and emotional than physical (I didn't get much further than NJ and CT), but travels they were.

This was a crayon resist experiment that could have gone better, but it taught me something, so not a failure at all.
A class with Dina Wakley inspired me to do more bird paintings at home.  (This should really be the last photo, but since blogger has been giving me fits for two days, I'm leaving well enough alone, and it can stay where it landed.)
 Learning a bit about zentangling was something I very much enjoyed.
 Making stamps from a variety of materials, including this foamy type stuff:
 I did try to sketch an everyday object now and then:
Lettering classes with Joanne Sharpe, both in person and online really did improve my writing: 

I took a wonderful class with Doreen Kassel.  We made animal ornaments by covering plain glass ones with polymer clay, adding features, baking them, then painting them with oils.  Since I couldn't include one in the sketchbook, I did my best to draw one that I did.  I LOVE this little bird!

The workshops I've taken with Lynne Perrella and Ann Bagby have been a great influence.  I am mad for stencils! 
What I learned from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer is how a very simple hand carved stamp can be used in many ways on different surfaces:
An example of how I've learned to incorporate scraps from projects into a new piece, and how stenciling is one way to blend them into a cohesive work.
These pages are just a sampling of what I've been doing this year, but I didn't have time to include every class, every project, every experiment.  Or every wonderful teacher!  Seth Apter, Laurie Mika, Leighanna Light, Michelle Ward, Michael DeMeng, Sandra Koterba, Dyan Reaveley, Ingrid Dijkers, and Dawn DeVries Sokol all taught me so much, and I wish I had had the time to do pages in my sketchbook to prove that point.
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Mary-Beth said...

Amazing Eileen!

Bearcrazyman said...

Beautiful as always

Monica said...

perfect way to record a year of you art.

Carol said...

What wonderful classes you've taken! This is a lovely record of your work, a treasure to keep always.

Hetty said...

Wonderful sharing of your artwork Eileen. This is a project I have never done and it is looking like I need to give it a try!Thanks for I go find classes.

Dorothy said...

WOW! This is great!!

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Beautiful and amazing!!