Sunday, August 18, 2013

Field Journal Project

Another round robin journal begins.......Journey of Dreams.......we're doing it field journal style.......small books, sized for easy transport, and containing the notes of people (real or imagined) on some sort of journey.  I constructed my journal months ago, but with a launch date of August 15, only very recently decided on my theme.  Click HERE if you'd like to see how my book was made (it's a very easy, no-sew method).

Here is the opening page of my journal, revealing my theme:

My adventure begins in Japan.  Totally imagined, as I've never been there.  But if I were fortunate enough to take such a trip, these things could  happen......
See that little sketch of me with the sushi master?  Well, it was tweaked from this one that my good friend Pat (aka Pat-Zee in this field journal ) did a few years back for our Tim Holtz cruise to New England.
A little gesso, a little drawing, and the stamp pad became a bowl of rice and the stamp, chopsticks.  I've been on so many artsy adventures with Pat, I just couldn't resist including her in some way. 
As for the other images, I just trolled the internet for photos of sushi (and Tokyo) and did my best to sketch them.  Now, Kyoko and Naomi are real.....two wonderful women from Japan who have been on several Tim cruises with us.  And I know if I visited their country I'd do my best to meet up with them.  So although this entry came from my imagination, it is something that could happen....and maybe someday will.

Teri's field journal arrived in my mailbox, and it was such fun to work in.  She and her husband recently returned from a trip to Hawaii, where she snorkeled for the first time.  Obviously, sketching underwater is not an easy task, so she asked that we help her fill her journal with ocean life that is endemic to the Hawaiian islands.  It just took a while with my friend Mr. Google, but I found three interesting creatures to sketch and write about.
Yesterday I handed both journals off to Pat (who was tickled to see her alter ego serving up some sushi), and I look forward to seeing how she continues them.
(BTW, all the sketches were done initially in pencil, then my Micron pen.  Nothing too difficult for the coloring.....just markers and paint pens from my stash.)



inge said...

good morning !

Ah, this field journal is a great idea !!
It tickles your imagination of what you could encounter in the future, but it's so great that it makes you draw !

yes, maybe not all the images are from a" great artist yet", but I guess that's how they started to.
Once you start drawing and continue doing it, you only get better and better.
I think when this journey ends you will see yourself how you improved your drawing in the process!

But I already like your drawings on the pages: maybe you got inspired by Pat's drawing that's indeed awesome, but you made your own thing with it.

I bet this will be such a nice adventure and the journals will look so real in the end !

have fun
greetings from belgium

Bearcrazyman said...

What a great and fun idea. I know yours will be spectacular as all your work.

teri flemal said...

I love the creatures you contributed to my journal! Imagine, fish living in a harem...but to balance it out, you found another species where the male carries the eggs himself. Love that!! I'm so excited about my little underwater journal.

Seth said...

This already looks like it will be both fun and creative!!

Patzee said...

These journals are quite an artistic adventure! Who needs to leave home?! I love all the colors and mixed techniques in the foodie journal and all the research that went into the Hawaiian field trip. Yikes! I get to work in these next and the bar has been raised so high!