Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Time For Love (And Ignoring A Mistake)

Rhea's theme in the Kindred Souls first journal round robin (now approaching the finish line), is Time For Love.  I was one of the last to receive her book, and it is full to the bursting point of gorgeous detailed pages.  Lots of clocks, hearts, steampunk embellishments, and other bits of beauty.  The bar had been set very, very high, and I put a lot of work into my contribution.  Oh, and I need to mention that by the time I received the book, there were no more blank pages, so I had to cut one myself.  (Rhea knew this would happen and said she'd rebind the book when it returned home).  And there was the origin of the mistake I would later choose to ignore.  I measured the page, even punched the holes, since Rhea had used her Cinch and I have one too.  And proceded to create.  And after all was done I page size was correct, but the way I oriented it was not.  So, this is how the page will look when inserted in the book:

Yep, it is sideways.  And I just didn't have the heart to start all over again.  Don't bother craning your neck; this is how it should be viewed.  I sure hope Rhea doesn't mind:
And from this point on, we ignore the mistake and procede as if it never happened.  :)
The background was done (pretty much in this order) like this:  paint and glaze, Wendy's gold embossing paste through a stencil, and Dyan's stamps with black archival ink.
Instead of a clock (Time for Love, remember?), I used Tim's Picture Wheel die; it conveniently has 12 slots, so I turned it into a clock.
Lastly, some metal and wood embellishments, colored uniformly with more paint and glaze (thank you, Finnabair!), and a Wendy stamp and sentiment.
And the back (which IS oriented correctly):
And since the current challenge over at EWV (Everything Wendy Vecchi) is to use a die cut along with at least one Wendy stamp, my page, mistake and all (oops, I said we'd no longer mention the M word), works for that too.  So there.


Dorothy said...

Eileen, I love this. You do such beautiful art!!!

teri flemal said...

I love the metal here, and the background colors are my favorite Tuscan shades. Though I know that wasnt intentional!

Bearcrazyman said...

Super cool page. I love the multi artist pieces.

Lori said...

Wonderful as always! Love the texture, colors, dies, everything! We're not mentioning the m word, nope. lol.

Patzee said...

Time for some playfulness. What a cool page--your metal rocks and now you've made the journal interactive (requiring the viewer to re-orient the page).

Rhea said...

I love, love, love it...even more so since you embraced "imperfection!"

Marjie Kemper said...

Super page, regardless of the orientation. I have quite a few art journals here that require one to flip them upside down or horizontally to see what I intended.