Wednesday, November 13, 2013

World Of Color

No, I haven't been sick, on vacation, depressed, or abducted by aliens.  I've just been more or less uninterested in all things techno.  Which includes going online and blogging.  And while I do appreciate that staying off the computer has given me more time to do other things, I have missed my little blog, and so, here I am again, ready to share my artsy adventures.  I'm so far behind, I will be posting with no regard to chronology, so as not to put any pressure on myself.  Today I feel like blogging about the World of Colors collaborative journals I've been working in.  So, here they are.

First up, the page I did for Gloria.  Her chosen colors are teal,  cream, and a touch of black.


Carol chose blue and purple for her book.

Lynn's colors were the very bold and dramatic red and black.


teri flemal said...

You bligged. You blugged. You blogged!! Happy to see you again, and don't feel you have to blog daily. Nothing worse for killing your mojo than that have to feeling.

I love the color combination in these, and especially what you've done with it. Now I need to go try those two colors together. See? You've already inspired one reader.

Patzee said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere! I missed you! What wonderful pages you've created. Each is so different.

Helen said...

so pleased to see you blog again, and what a way to come back!

Dorothy said...

Hi Eileen!!! I missed you and your awesome creations!!!

Elena said...

I have missed you! Whenever I want to feel like I need to do art again I come to this blog! We need another weekend in North Carolina! That was probably one of my most inspired weekend ever! I love the blue and purple combination. I have never used that combination and truly love the way it looks. It would make a great combo for a journal page don't you think? I miss you my friend!

Lori said...

Lovely pages as always! Good to see you again, and I'm actually in the same spot you are as far as techno. I totally get it. I have no idea when my next blog post will be, or Facebook, for that matter. Is it bothering me? Hell no. lol. Am really glad to hear you were not ill. I was wondering. And yes, I should have emailed. Perhaps you wouldn't have checked it though. LOL