Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Documented Life

I welcome 2014 with open arms and a hopeful heart.  Two major events in 2013 challenged me greatly; the illness and eventual death of a loved one, and a signifigant health issue of my own.  I know both are a part of life, but accepting that in no way diminishes their impact.

Honestly, I'm still trying to center myself, and to further that goal I have joined a group called The Documented Life.  It's a diary/art journal/sketchbook/smash book rolled into one.  I found out about it just days before the new year, so was a little late to the party.  While most people were altering a moleskin planner, I was anxious to get started and used what I had... a 5x8 Strathmore journal.

My covers, both inside and out are decorated entirely with prints from a gelli plate.

Not having planning pages I just added a small calendar for each month.  You can also see my monthly tabs.  Many of the group members made beautiful tabs.  All I did was take some stickers, write the months on them and attach them by folding them in half and letting the adhesive to the work.

Washi tape was used to attach tip ins.


Some of the tip ins were plain paper for sketching and watercolor paper for "wet work."  But many were just whatever I had lying around.  A sample of something or other:

An envelope:

A folded tag:

A paint color sample from the hardware store:


My word for 2014 is simplify (with the subgroups declutter and regroup). 
At a visit to a doctor, the technician was having trouble with the EKG machine and had to do mine over.  She tossed the bad one in the trash, and when she left the room I promptly retrieved it.  I knew it would come in handy eventually.  Another unusual tip in.

And I just love the way the washi tape looks on the edges of the paper.
Obviously, we can do what we want with our books, but there will also be prompts from the organizers of the project, and I'm looking forward to the first one, which should be coming within the hour.


lee said...

its wonderful,

teri flemal said...

Love seeing all the details. I've missed your blog entries, so I hope to see them more often!

Janet said...

Found you via the documented life project. Love your covers, and looking forward to following along this year.

Elena said...

As aleays you did a fabulous job!! I too have joined - thanks to you my friend - and have made a resolution - my only one - to do this right! Luv u sister friend!

leida said...

terrific job eileen! we will root for your continued dedication, share your work always; very inspiring!

Patzee said...

Great start to the new year. Following your lead, I also joined in the hopes of improving my discipline. Love your tip ins!

Elaine A said...

Love this Eileen! Hoping that 2014 is a year of good health for you and many artsy discoveries.

Elaine Allen

Dorothy said...

Love this Eileen!! It is wonderful!
Hope all is great for you in 2014!!!

Healing Woman said...

Very nice journal. I love the tip you gave about the Washi tapes..yes, they look great altogether on the pages.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I immediately joined the group and am looking forward to documenting my life this year through art and the written word.

Cathy von Hassel-Davies said...

I love you blog and really enjoyed reading your posts. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that saves the paint chips LOL

Sandy said...

I love the way you journal and the washi tape on the edge of the pages looks fantastic -- wow!