Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Further Adventures of My Documented Life

As I suspected, this has been pretty easy to keep up with.  Every Sunday we get a journaling prompt.  Last week it was to include a selfie.    As I'm determined to simplify my life (have already thrown out countless bags of junk), I did this:

Me, sitting on a mountain of supplies.  To be more accurate I should have shown me buried under that mountain.  I'm trying to keep only what I actually use.  I'm making progress, but although my work space is neater and more organized, I know I still have TOO MUCH STUFF.  I guess there will be a round two of purging in my future.  

This week the prompt is to include an envelope we received in the mail.  I've been in a few mail art exchanges, so that was easy.  In the process of purging, I uncovered a gratitude journal I started in 2000.  I only did it for a couple of months, but I enjoyed reading what I wrote.  

The green pocket was made from part of an envelope I received a couple of years ago from my friend Inge in Belgium.  In it, one of the pages from my gratitude journal that spoke to me in a big way.

Every single thing on this page, except for the paint and the ink, was received in the mail from a friend. 
Under the paint and the stamping are postage stamps, scraps from other envelopes, photos, funny advertisements.....all the things that we artsy folk like to send to one another.  I think you can see some of those layers peeking through here:

Speaking of one of my groups (Blissfully Art Journaling), Teri has started to give a template as a prompt.  Here is the current one:

As you can see, by using it I have killed two prompts with one page.  So to speak.


Nancy said...

I still have the envelope prompt to do ... will get there, one day. (lol) I really like your selfie page!!!

Patzee said...

Love your use of Mail Art with past projects and your attack on your stash. As usual, your multi-tasking is a hit!

Elena said...

You are so creative!! I love just about everything you do but the layout with you on top of your supplies is PRICELESS!!!

Good thing I don't have too m any supplies!

Dorothy said...

Love it Eileen!

Sandy said...

Splendid and what a fantastic way to journal your life for real!!

Lori said...

Great idea for the selfie! Love it! Must be the year for purging...I'm on that bandwagon as well. Still working on it. Lol. Much more to do. How do you fight the urge to buy more? Lol..