Friday, July 4, 2008

More From Paper Imagery Designs

I just don't have the time to visit all the blogs, message boards, yahoo groups that I love, so I've narrowed it down to one that I go to daily. OK, several times a day, and that is the Paper Imagery Designs yahoo group. I love the atmosphere there, the great art work that is posted, and the weekly challenges. They are specific enough to give me a focus, but broad enough to allow for creativity. The one and only rule is that at least one PID image is used on each piece. Not a problem for me; I love their collage sheets and was a big fan of their creations way before I joined the group. This week's challenge is black & white, and July's ATC Jackpot is, appropriately enough, red white and blue. Happy 4th everyone!

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fairey mel said...

That was very sweet of you Eileen to make us a daily visit... Your work and you are awesome!!!