Friday, January 16, 2009

What Is A Fat Book?

No, it is not a journal of every bad thing that has gone into my mouth! A fat book swap is a wonderful thing.....a group is formed, a theme established, and everyone creates a page for each participant. Fat books may be of techniques or they may be themed. At the Paper Imagery Designs yahoo group, we couldn't make up our minds, so we combined the two: each of us selected a background technique and then embellished the pages (4x4") we made with vintage Valentine images (our theme).
Sadly, only 13 people signed up, so I guess it is more of a chubby book than a fat book, but I am still very excited about this project.
I am only posting the one sample of my pages so it will be more of a surprise when everyone receives their books.
My background technique is masking with Glimmer Mist. First I applied some distress inks to my paper, then I put down the mask (I mostly used Tim Holtz's or Heidi Swapp's masks) and sprayed with the Glimmer Mist. Very soft and sparkly in person. Then I decorated each page with some of the vintage Valentine images from the PID shop.
Melissa is the host. When she gets all the pages she is going to use her new Zutter Bind-It-All to make each of us a book. Mel is even doing the cover and back pages for us!
I think (hope) when everyone sees what we have done we will have a truly big FAT book the next time we do this!


sissy923 said...

I can't wait to see your pages, I am getting there but not near done.I like reading about the techniques.Thanks, Chris

teri said...

I belong to a group that does these all the time and I'm always tempted but I want to actually SEE one first. I'm afraid to join in and make something so sub-par the rest of the I am really looking forward to seeing yours when you're done. Good luck today!

Mel said...

ooo Eileen i love this one!! excited to see the rest!


Maggie R said...

AHA!!!! I always wondered what a fat book was!! Thanks
Peeking out from behind a snowbank in southern ontario, Canada

Nancy said...

Lovely page! Can't wait to see one of your pages in person (I am participating in the swap, too!). I love the colors and the composition. And I'm sure it will be more glimmery in real life.

Nancy S