Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Dream In Colors

This is my journal cover.Above, the inside of my front cover.

And above, the inside of my back cover.
The back cover.

I am involved with a wonderful group that is doing traveling art journals. These are sometimes called circle books or round robin books. The project is based on one documented in a FABULOUS book called True Colors. It is a bit pricey, but if you love art journals, mixed media, color, or just a gorgeously designed book, check it out; I think the book (and the art journals the book is all about) is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.

But this is not a book review.....I want to share the project I'm doing.

There are 14 (or is it now 15?) women who were hand picked by our project coordinator, the wonderful Elena. Elena "met" us all in some of the various online art groups she's part of. She read the book, got inspired, and before we knew what was happening, she got us all to say yes, she created a private yahoo group just for us, and we are all very close to sending our journals on the first leg of their journeys. We call this project I Dream In Colors.

Each of us selected a color or color scheme. We each chose the size of our book, created covers and introductory pages. We have a travel itinerary. On the designated date we all mail our journals to the next person on the list. Keeping to each person's chosen color(s) we create art in the journal and mail it on. In a little over a year, we guess, our journals will return home, full of wonderful art from all over the US (and other parts of the world as well).

I love the ocean; I guess that is what inspired me to choose blues and greens (all shades) for my colors.

I will be posting not only what I've done in my own journal, but what I do in others as I get them.

The photos above are of my journal covers.

Below, the first page of my journal, to get things going, or as I said, to "get this party started." Because I really do feel like this is a party, a celebration, something special, something joyous.


Elena said...

I am so thrilled to know that you are all as excited about this project as I am!!! Everyone is putting so much of their heart and soul into these projects that I feel blessed to be a part of such wonderful company!

Ann said...

Peggy, I love your covers and page. This is such a wonderful idea and you are going to have such a treasure when it finally returns home to you! Ann