Monday, May 11, 2009

Mah Jongg Jewelry

In keeping with my new philosophy of trying to use up what I have instead of buying so much stuff, I made this bracelet today.

Some time ago I'd gotten these miniature mah jongg tiles. Can't even remember the source. They are like small bamboo tiles, with pre-drilled holes through the sides.

My good friend Heidi gave me the bracelet blank a while back, and this morning I made a great discovery. The tiles fit perfectly into the blank spaces on the bracelet. I put wires with closed loops on each end through the tiles and then just started making dangles. Lots and lots of dangles. After I attached all the dangles to the loops with jump rings, I adhered the tiles onto the bracelet blank with jewelry glue (E6000). I have two tiles left over and there may very well be some earrings in my future.
Here are a couple of close-ups:


Dragonlady said...

Very pretty...I love the look of it, you did a fantastic job, love the added beads too...did you stamp the tiles/

bloubell said...

Love the charms- mahjong tiles are such a good idea for a bracelet, you could sell these. SO cute.

Heidi Davenport said...

Once again you AMAZE me! I LOVE how you used all of these elements. I have all of the materials to make these and can't wait to get started.

Nanc said...

Absolutely gorgeous. You are one multi-talented artist. I love using found objects too a lot. Way to go Eileen. I like how you dangled the beads to the side.