Friday, February 5, 2010

Leavin' Town

This is where I'm headed today.....The Captain Stannard House Country Inn in Westbrook, Connecticut.  A full weekend away with some of my Gotham City Stampers teammates, hanging out, having our meals prepared for us, and best of all.....sharing art projects. 
We've taken over the inn, so we don't even have to be on our best behavior in front of strangers.  The plan is to craft all day Saturday, and never even get out of our PJs.
If you're a regular at my blog then you obviously understand how this fills me with joy.
I'll be sure to come back with plenty of photos.
Have a great weekend, and to borrow Wendy's favorite phrase......MAKE ART!


Angie Hall Haviland said...

What a BEAUTIFUL B&B!! HAVE FUN!!! So WONDERFUL that you get this FUN FUN FUN ART Weekend with FRIENDS...ENJOY!!

Earlene said...

Be looking forward to a lot of new Art

Elaine A said...

Wow Eileen -

This place looks beautiful. The perfect place for artful inspiration! I'm sure you and the Gotham Babes will have loads of fun and come home with true masterpieces!

Elaine Allen

Lori said...

You lucky devil, you! I'm sure a wonderful time will be had by all, are you guys going to sell kits of your projects?? lol Take lots of pics! Details, we want details!

Diann said...

Have a grand time and enjoy all your friends and ART...looks like a fun place to be! Diann

Linda said...

What a great weekend you have planned! Have a marvelous time and safe travels!


Nanc said...

Have a great time just being with friends and creating art. I can't think of anything better. The place looks wonderful. Will be waiting for all kinds of pictures and reports. Nanc

Sherry Goodloe said...

Ok, you're always telling me how you wish you were HERE? Well, I'm HERE to tell you that I wish I was THERE!

In my pj's all day making art?! Ooooh you BET!

Looking forward to seeing photos when you return *smiles* I'm off to my friend Linda Bucci's tomorrow afternoon to start my month long birthday celebration! LOL

Sandi M said...

Looks like a beautiful place to create. Hope you're not getting as much snow as we currently are getting! Have a blast.

Julie from Montana said...

I can't even imagine the joy in such a weekend! Meals prepared!
Sharing & making art w/best friends, life doesn't get any better ;o)

Can't wait to hear all about your weekend.
Hugs, Julie A from Montana