Friday, April 23, 2010

The Keys 4 Art - Day 3, Part 1

The whole morning, and part of the afternoon was spent finishing the Lynne Perrella inspired project.  I was happy to share what I could with everyone, and even happier with how much they seemed to enjoy it.  We added color with paint, ink, paper.  I showed some of the techniques I'd learned for using the Portfolio water soluble oil pastels....awesome product!  I also shared some of Lynne's tips for making the images you find on the internet your own, through altering and coloring.  
The picture above shows all 12 of us holding our completed creations.  I know, I'm getting ahead of myself, but this is the only picture I have of everyone....from left to right, artist and home base (I hope; the picture is small and my eyes, well, they're 62 like the rest of me):   Jacquie, Florida; Sue, Illinois; Marita, Oregon; Linda, Florida; Juliet, W. Virginia (or maybe just Virginia); me!, New York; Jen, California; Patty, Florida; Val, Michigan; Elena, Florida; Gina, Oregon, and Lillian, Canada.
First, some shots of artists at work, and works in progress:

I love the way each and every piece came out.  Some turned theirs into books, and some left them as is, planning on having them framed for display.  Who could blame anyone?  Look how gorgeous:
We went outside and posed for closeups with our creations, in a suitably beautiful setting, by a hibiscus (bush? tree?).



And last, but surely not least, our wonderful host, Elena

Well, this was a long and full day, so even though it isn't over, I'll end now, and pick up in the afternoon of Day 3 for my next post.


Healing Woman said...

I love seeing all the colors and beautiful weather. Your art pieces turned out great and I can tell you had a ball! Looking forward to seeing more.

Carol said...

I am in awe! Love, Love, Love it.

Anonymous said...

Oh Eileen these are all AMAZING!!! And I just realized something....I've chatted with your hostess many times through our blogs.....she's a hoot....I bet you all did have an amazing time!!!

Diann said...

It just made me smile to see all the wonderful colors on paper and to see the happy looks from all your time and great ART! Diann

Angie Hall Haviland said...

WOW---now I bet that was a BLAST!!! What an INSPIRING project. Each and every one of them is GOURGEOUS!

patricia smith said...

Thanks for sharing more of your pictures. I am looking forward to day 3! Love the art & depth of colors everyone did! Hugs, Pat Smith

ginag said...

Yes and thanks to our fabulous art teacher, Eileen, I have had a marvelous and colorful experience and artwork that I can now frame...
Love it and you!

Lori said...

Wowza, these are fantastic! Everyone did such a great job, and just seeing how different each person made theirs is really unbelievable.