Saturday, May 8, 2010

Flowers Everywhere

I was reading Suze Weinberg's blog post about seeing flowers everywhere, and it's the truth.  In fashion, in jewelry, in home decor, in scrapbooking and the stuff with which to make them are everywhere lately.  I even got an email from West Elm today regarding an installation of the work of designer David and flower-related items, all made from the pages of old books.

Last night I met with friends to share some techniques and make some art, and without pre-planning, we all brought flower projects.  Heidi showed us how to make some floral embellishments (I'm thinking they'll make great pins) made from twisting and rolling strips of fabric....just like the old fashioned rag rugs.  Instead of sewing, though, we used a glue gun.  Check these out (the first two are mine, the rest are pieces Heidi made for me as a gift

The great thing about this project, is you can use up some ugly fabric, because after all the rolling and gluing, we sprayed the flowers with Glimmer Mist, which totally transformed them.  Then we embellished them with leaves, feathers, and assorted other bling.

I was watching this week's Taco Tuesday video on making metal flowers and was inspired to bring this project:

It couldn't be easier.  Strips of Ten Seconds Studio metal are loosely folded, accordian style, and manipulated to form a flower shape.  A bottle cap is glued to the center.  Using a 1" circle punch, cut some paper for the inside and then cover it with a layer of Glossy Accents.  Add a pin back  for a brooch, or a magnet to dress up the refrigerator, or use it to decorate a special gift package.

And now for a sneak peek of the upcoming Technique Tuesday for the PID blog.  No directions yet.  You'll have to visit that blog this week for that.  But all these flowers are made from circles cut from a variety of papers.  

Like I said, flowers are everywhere.


Lori said...

Flowers, yes, everywhere! Do you think Wendy started it??? lol I think it's a distinct possibility. Your flowers are gorgeous, and to be truthful, now don't tell Cheryl and Megan this, but I like your metal flower best. Very cool. I like the feathers in the fabric ones, I'm always tempted to buy one of those clusters at the store, but I never do. Just the right touch. Go to PID blog this week, check.

Anonymous said...

Oh My Eileen these are absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for sharing some great tips. I would really like to try this. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful inspiration you share. You are truely amazing.....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers! I used to love to make rag rugs with my mom -- these are a sweet take on that idea, and I love those metallic flowers, too!

2amscrapper said...

Awesome flowers! I especially like the first ones that include those great feathers. I also like that everyone it making their own flowers, instead of store-bought. I'll be at PID on Tuesday to see your flower technique. And I somewhat used the paper towel technique from last week.

Nancy Lynn said...

Your flowers are wonderful Eileen. Really nice and different.

I especially like the metal ones.

Flowers are blooming on many blogs these days, in so many shapes, mediums and sizes. Just incredible how this has taken off.

Kerry said...

I love the fabric flowers - what a neat project! Metal flowers are interesting too! You've given me some ideas using copper sheeting! But I do love all the flowers - they are all beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to this Tuesday! Kerry P.

Angie Hall Haviland said...

OH WOW, Eileen!! These are all FABULOUS!!

Elaine A said...

Hi Eileen -

I see you've caught the flower bug also - LOL! I've become addicted to making my own flowers. Yours are gorgeous!

Elaine Allen

Sue Young said...

Eileen!Well,we cdertainly know NOW what you can teach us NEXT year!!!I really love your 2 pins,and also the 3rd one ...luscious colors!!!!I really wish I lived by certainly have a group of artsy friends!Lucky!
XO Sue

Diann said...

Your flower ART is just beautiful! Your ART is an inspiration to all of us and you share so freely. Diann

patricia smith said...

Without a doubt, Wendy started it! lol Even her closet is full of flowers!

I so love the flowers you all did. I think they are all great, and love the colorful ones & metalic best!
Hugs, Pat Smith