Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Marie's New Gig

I received Tracy's Marie Antoinette journal the other day, and it was such fun to look through (and ultimately work in).  Her theme is to place Marie in any period of time doing anything we choose.  There were several pages of Marie channeling her inner Madonna or Lady Gaga (fun!), Marie as a dog walker, fashion model, bike rider.  You get the idea.

After much thought, I left Marie in her own time period, but made her a dress designer instead of a queen.  What better occupation for this fashionista?  I think you'll get a kick out of her headpiece.  It's an actual working pin cushion!

I started out with a paper doll of Marie and dressed her by cutting and piecing together bits of scrapbook paper and fabric trims.  It took a while, but I somehow managed to wrap her fingers around that scissors charm.

As for the headpiece....I cut the shape from cardboard, stuck some cotton balls on top and wrapped the whole thing with a piece of gauzy ribbon.  Topped it with some felt flowers and added the same trim from her dress.  And yes, those are read stick pins popping out of it.

Marie's work space includes that impressive wall of trimmings in the background.  Don't tell anyone (just in case I'm violating someone's rights), but I swiped that photo from an old issue of one of those magazines that show where people do their creative thing.

The facing page, the journaling page, continues the designer theme, with more trimmings, buttons, and a dress pattern stamp in the background.

Considering how it all turned out for her, Marie would have been better off being the Vera Wang of her day.


Elena said...

This is great!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

FABULOUS pages, Eileen!! Love these!

tracyozzie said...

ABsolutely love my pages. It is so great that I get to say mine. See even on your blog I have made it all about me. Don't you just love my little talent.

You did an beautiful job dear. Cannot wait to see you in the keys

Diann said...

This is just way too cool, Eileen!
I love your choice of Marie as a Lady of Cloth (well a dressmaker)!
Yep, her headpiece just blew my mind...loved it! The journaling page was very interesting too! Diann

Vic said...

It's fantastic! Her headdress is a real hoot!

Dorothy said...

Love it!!!

Lori said...

LOL! Hysterical! I love it! I love seeing your interpretation of the Marie journals, very fun!

Candy C said...

You, my dear, are a stitch! LOVE your sense or humor! It shows through your work! :)