Monday, March 14, 2011

Art Friends Are The Best Friends

I'm back from six head-spinning, eye-popping, art and fun filled days at my dear friend Elena's place in Key Largo.  We call it Keys4Art (because we're very clever) and for most, if not all of us, it is the highlight of our year.  Beautiful weather, a warm and welcoming (and huge!) home to stay in and do art in, unbelievable food and drink, great great teachers, time with far-flung friends, and dancing too.

I hardly know where to begin, and there is way too much for one posting, so I think I'll just share a few photos today, and will try to be a bit more organized and go into detail on our many projects in future posts.

Tracy really needs to cheer up, don't you think?:

Printer's Tray, unfinished, but getting there:

A wonderful journal class with Ingrid Dijkers:

Daisy, Nicole and Sarah at The Marlin Restaurant:
Val, Teri, Sue, Jen, me and Julie at the airport:

My sassy chick from our class with Julie Nutting:

    No, not even Elena has this many dies.  This was at
    The Paper Niche in Fort Lauderdale where we took a
     canvas journal class with Elena's friend Beatriz:

Pancho, who talked to us, often cursed at us,
danced for us, and always entertained us:

 A little summery girl Beatriz showed us how to
                                       make, based on Christy Tomlinson's She Art dolls:                                  

        A page I did in Ingrid's class.  One of the edging techniques we learned was
    wiring buttons:

  Another page from Ingrid's class:

Elena gave me a disc with over 1,000 photos from the week, but of course my cranky computer has now decided that it does not have a DVD player. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr......One more thing goes wrong with this blasted machine and I'm taking it down.  One bullet, right in the mother board.  I'm tellin' ya, I'm serious.  Anyway, one way or another, I'll get more photos to share and will talk more about the wonderful projects we worked on all week.  When we weren't eating.  Or drinking.  Or dancing.  Speaking of more:

I'll leave you to wonder what was going on here, and YES, that is a dollar bill sticking out of Gina's top.  That's all I'm sayin'.  What happens in Key Largo.......gets blogged about and winds up on Facebook too.  Hah!


Debby said...

Looks like you had a great time! That journaling class looked like it would be a super class to take. I have heard of that teacher. She is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

SusanK said...

I think you had way too much fun down in the FL with your friends! But friends are sunshine and art! Glad you're back!

Nancy Lynn said...

Wow Wow Wow....What wonderful projects you all did there. There is nothing better than being with friends and making art and having fun. It looks like you did it all in Key Largo. My favorite is the Printer's Tray. I recently found one at a thrift store and can't wait now to get going on it. I love what you did on your cool. I love it.

Elaine A said...

Hi Eileen -

So glad you enjoyed yourself. Can't wait to see more photos and get the low down - LOL! I hope that pc wises up or else it's got a whooping coming!

Elaine Allen

Alicia said...

Eileen, I am so happy you had a great time and made some super art projects in between :) *Hugs*

Helen said...

Sounds like you have all had an absolite ball; and I shall look forward to seeing some more photos!

Vic said...

Wow, what fun you had! I'll be looking forward to futre posts.

inge said...

Hello Eileen,

I was wondering why it was so quiet on the yahoogroups ! LOL

It seems you had a marvelous time together : nice to see some faces to match with familiar names, but i don't know if I will be able to remember these in the future.

I think the best way to connect faces and names is to meet in real !!

Wow, you had a real ART-retreat if I read your blogpost and see some photos. Of course you can't share all 1000 but I do hope to see some more of this event on your blog and hopefully the ones of the others too.

greetings from belgium

Jennifer R.D. said...

Hi girlfriend,
I actually posted this morning, a very similar post.
But, I did send inquiring minds over to your blog for the day by day lowdown that I am sure will follow!
The pictures are to die for and there is a great one of you and I dancing! I need to update my Iphoto to
edit them.
Big hugs!

csurzinski said...

As always I can tell you had a blast with your dear friends. Very entertaining...keep them coming. LOL

On another note time for you to get you another computer with a multi cd/dvd player.

If you do decide to shoot the mother ?? in the board be sure to have your neighbor take a picture of you doing it. LOL


Diann said...

What a great time you had with your ART is so exciting to hear all about it and to wish and wonder what might have been...LOL! I can't wait for the next installment of pure fun! Your ART looks great btw! Welcome were missed! Diann

Anonymous said...

You can tell you all had a wonderful time!!! Your ART is amazing as always!!! Welcome home!!!

Lori said...

Looks wonderful, Eileen! I was certain you were having a blast, wasting away in Margueritaville. lol. Saw Val's post too, but haven't watched the video. The printer's tray looks wonderful, even half Hope your computer starts working properly, I don't want to come bail you out of jail...

Patzee said...

Art friends who share are the best friends ever! Thanks for giving us a taste of the art and merriment of Key Largo. Your projects and inspiration look amazing! Laughs, mojitos, dancing, and creative endeavors make for a WONDERFUL week away. I'm glad you're back and sharing the experience. I'm looking forward to seeing more photos and Elena's smiling face.

Tiny Timmy To Tall said...

It's so great you get to do things like this!!!! What fun!!! Awesome projects!!!

goodling4 said...

Love how you let the story of our Art retreat unfold, Eileen! Very fancifully written, very incriminating photos.....what happened in the Keys, didn't stay in The Keys......I wonder how much $$ was in the tip jar?
XXO Gina

lee said...

I need to know how to do that edging,so much fun!