Thursday, March 17, 2011

Glamour Girls

Keys4Art2011 -- Day 3

Earlier this year (or maybe it was late last year) Elena saw an article in Somerset Studios featuring the paper pretties of Julie Nutting.  Being Elena, she immediately emailed Julie with some questions, including whether it would be OK if she taught us the techniques when we all arrived in Key Largo.  On thing led to another, and we suddenly went from Elena showing us how the paper dolls were created, to having Julie herself come and spend the week with us.  Yesterday Julie was a student in Ingrid's classroom, but today we would all be blown away by Julie's creativity and great instruction.

These photos were taken mid-class.  I wish I had more of each stage of the project, but when you're busy DOING, it's easy to forget about the camera.

What I found most interesting is that while we pretty much all began with the exact same materials, there was nothing cookie cutter about the results.  The backgrounds are all black and white and our glamour girls were all created from the same pattern.  The biggest difference was the accent color(s) we each chose.  But at the end of the day, no two looked alike.

This is a sample that Julie brought to show us, followed by a picture of Julie herself:

Julie made this tropical glamour girl as a gift for Elena:

Sue, a retired french teacher and lover of all things french, commissioned Julie to do this beauty for her:

This one is mine.  I thought I was finished, but when I came home I added a few little details not seen here.  Some buttons on the skirt.  A little more sparkle.  Haven't photographed the revised one yet, but this is close:

Some more of our creations:

I know not everyone's canvas is here.  I think some may have been put away before pictures could be taken.

Now, I just want to point out some similarities between artist and creation.  Check out the hair:

Now, check out the attitude:

(I could learn to hate Jen......she NEVER takes a bad photo.)

Make sure you visit Julie's blog and etsy shop to see all of her "girls." all day workshop at The Paper Niche in Plantation, making canvas albums with the talented Beatriz Guzman.


Dorothy said...

wow!! those are all amazing!!

Diann said...

Beautiful ART dolls....I'm so enjoying your ART retreat in Key Largo! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait unti tomorrow for more!

Wanda H said...

These are awesome, Eileen!!! Amazing time!!!

Jingle said...

How fun! These look amazing!

Debby said...

I am blown away by all of your talents. How cool to have another famous teacher to learn from!

Elaine A said...

Eileen -

Love the Glamour Girls! This looked like such a fun project to work on. Such beautiful work by everyone!

Elaine Allen

Patzee said...

These glamour girls are exhuberant! I love how each is different and reflects the artist behind the glamour girl. Once again, you've shown me a great idea for my next birthday gift!

Nancy Lynn said...

Absolutely fabulous artwork. Looks like a fun class to take. Thanks for sharing.

Clara said...

those are amazing! Wow! there is never a day that goes by that I don't see something new with art!

lee said...

I am going to have a go at one of these they all look great!

Lori said...

How fun! What a great experience, and those glamour girls are wonderful!

Cher said...

these are so pretty! are they flat or more textural?

Julie said...

I had so much fun! You are an amazing group of talent!