Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cruisin' The Caribbean With Tim

Tuesday, September 27th
Day At Sea
Workshop #2
Some Giveaways

We started our first full day at sea with an early class.  My group would be working from 9:00 to noon, and Group B would get their turn from 2:00 - 5:00.  If you're thinking that three hours learning from Tim sounds like a good thing, well, you would be right.

We assembled all the pieces to form a very cool travel journal that opens like a gatefold card.

Above, my work space, looking way neater than it usually did.  The base of the journal were Wendy's art parts and two of Tim's large binder ring pieces.  We had a good variety of paper to work with, and as usual, got to keep all the extras.  More on that later.

The two shots above were taken in the classroom and somehow came out very orange.  Next, some photos I took when I got home.

Our class kits had all the papers we needed for our pages, all cut and scored for us.  We just had to do some folding and closing openings with tissue tape to form some pockets.  We also got tags and little paper bags that we could put in the book.  The back cover (which I did not photograph) has the same paper as the front, and we added some idea-ology pieces to it, which meant the inside of the back cover had exposed brad prongs.  Which bothers some people....I confess, I'm one of I covered the offending hardware with a tag and the "journey" die cut.  We had a Vagabond and lots of dies available in the 24/7 studio, and that's when I did that.

We also had lots of tabs and a canvas page, perfect for attaching pins and charms.

Aside from lots of inking and spraying, I did not decorate any of the pages.  I brought a journal with me that I was using and think I'm going to save this one for a future trip, so no point filling it with cruise related stuff.

Before class started, I walked around and took some pictures of friends.

Nancy and Pam

                                    Gloria and Christine                                   

Andrea and Stephanie

And someone was nice enough to take this one of me and three of my best art pals.  We've been sharing and collaborating on projects from some great distances for years, and had a wonderful time working side by side on this trip.....and sharing some great meals together too.

Val and Elena
Me and Pat

At every class we'd walk in and our class kit would be waiting for us, which included a written description of the project and materials, and most of the elements we'd need to complete the piece.  I say most, because some were just too large to fit in the kit, and were distributed during class.  And then there would be other things that weren't necessary for the project, but could be an option.  Tim had some very generous sponsors.  In some cases we only used a small piece of paper, but received an entire 12x12 package.

Prepare to be dazzled with what we received during classes:

Paper packs from Graphic45, Tim, Core'dinations, Prima, and Cosmo Cricket

Yes, this is a Martha Stewart scoring board

At different times we received the glue glider and Tim's tissue tape
holder and two rolls of tissue tape.
Also in this photo, the custom stamp Tim has made up for each cruise
with the cruise logo.

Tons of tags, tickets, and other small paper

Embellishments galore, all from the very
best companies.  We didn't get anyone's leftover junk!

More paper

Stamp sets

A variety of letters; chipboard, rub-ons, and Tim's own
plastic alpha parts

More bling

And more from Tim's own line

Now you know why we're advised to bring an extra suitcase on these trips.  I left NY with two half filled bags, and returned home with two stuffed to the max.  And I haven't even shown you my purchases and gifts yet.


Tammy D said...

Any recommendations on cleaning drool out of a keyboard?

Laura said...

LOL, Tammy that's funny....and exactly how I feel too!

Happy you had a great craftin cruise.


Cindy-Up In Northern Michigan said...

Okay...I'm sitting here in AWE of the project and all the wonderful goodies! What a great time it looks like you had...please keep sharing!!

Susan McHenry said...

Oh Eileen, I'd go with you next time if Tim does this again!

teri said...

The project and all the goodies are a visual feast. Amazing.

Sandy said...

You did such a great job documenting our time with Tim. I am enjoying reliving my time on the ship through you.
Thank you,

Patzee said...

Love your photos and recap. My FedEx boxes of goodies I couldn't fit into my suitcase just arrived. Wheee!!

Meme said...

WOW! Love all the pictures! What an amazing time it must have been!

So my next question is......
Why you sitting on the computer when you have all that great stuff to work with....GET BUSY! LOL!
Thanks for sharing!

Nancy Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip. Yes, he is very generous and has some very giving sponsors. Have enjoyed the posts a lot.

Helen said...

Wow and mega wow! I know I have seen post about Tim's generosity on these cruises before, but this is just incredible!

Anonymous said...

I just love love love reliving this cruise with you...what WONDERFUL goodies you got!!!!

Lori said...

Wow, very cool book! Love the design of it, looks great!

Vic said...

Wow!! I'm speechless!

craftyM said...

Jeese..... what a haul girlfriend!!!! I see cool things for Tim tags, but yours are all done!!!!!!! Love those plastic Tim letters. Never seen those before... Lots of cool things actually... and your travel book was wonderful!
Looking forward to the next day!

Bunnyfreak said...

What a cool book. Thanks for sharing.

Sandra said...

WOW! Looks like you had a great time - thanks for sharing!
That book looks great!
Sandra ltb

andizee said...

i truly love your blog style! i feel famous :-)

Dorothy said...

Wow, the whole trip sounds so amazing!!!
Thanks for the updates!!

Bethan said...


Anonymous said...

Love all your photos. Thanks for sharing them; especially the photos of the what we received. Makes it alot easier to write those thank you notes. thanks, Susan

Marjie Kemper said...

I'm green with envy and so happy for you that you were able to go and enjoy this whole experience. It sounds like the journey of a lifetime!

lee said...

OMG better than Xmas!