Friday, October 7, 2011

Cruisin' The Caribbean With Tim

Wednesday, September 28th
St. Thomas
No Workshops Today

****NOTE:  Check out Tim's blog today for his recap and awesome video of the cruise!

Today we were in port almost all day, from 11:00am to 7:00pm.  I've been to St. Thomas several times, and as it was also burning hot, I didn't race off the ship.  But Pat and I did venture off, and decided to see the island in a way neither of us had before, by taking the skyride (a tram) up to the top of Paradise Point.  Incredible views from up there, but we did both want to smack one of our fellow passengers who spent the entire ride discussing other trams that had crashed to earth.  Was that really the best venue for such a conversation?

Anyway, first the views from our balcony.

On line for the tram.  I do look a bit dewy, don't I?  Sounds better than saying I was sweating like a farm animal.

Many photo ops at the top of the mountain, as well as some very good bar food and a cold beer.

 The Freedom of the Seas is tucked in between a Disney ship and a Carnival ship.  Our captain had to do some expert parallel parking.,

On last year's cruise Pat and I had a wonderful meal at Portofino, one of the ship's specialty restaurants.  We booked a table for 6 and enjoyed another beautifully prepared and artistically served Italian meal with Elena, Bernie, Val, and Rob.

Here I am getting ready to attack my seafood skewer.

A gorgeous dessert sampler.  Yes, I ate the whole thing.

Tomorrow, St. Maarten and a one hour workshop that resulted in a gorgeous finished project.  In just one hour!  


Helen said...

Hmmm yes, you do look a little warm!! But the colour of the sea - and the sky - oh and the food!!! Thanks for today's update, I'm loving them.

teri said...

You two as the mariachi on stilts needs to be a postcard. OMG hilarious. Looks like you had some incredible weather.

Dorothy said...


Bunnyfreak said...

Loving the day by day details.

Patzee said...

We were blessed with beautiful weather, yummy food, great company and outstanding projects. Love that the Disney ship's horns tooted "When You Wish Upon A Star" as it pulled out of port.

Nancy Lynn said...

The tram ride sounds wonderful to me and everything else. What wonderful memories.

Lori said...

Those pics of you and Pat behind the mariachi is just hilarious, I love it! Looks beautiful there, although you know I would be bitching about the heat. lol. I also figured you would be doing a dinner at Portofino's after your experience last year, good for you! Looks like a wonderful day!

Bethan said...

nothing wrong in looking a bit dewy!! that pudding looked did the scenery

Vic said...

Great views!!