Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Totally Configured

The configurations tray I started on the cruise is finished.....I think.  There are a few little spots with room for more, just in case I should find something that absolutely needs to be there.  But I feel satisfied with saying that I am done.  And that everything on the tray reminds me in some way of the wonderful experience it was to cruise the Caribbean with Tim and company.

Some closer looks at the compartments:

A shaker box full of sand, shells and sea glass
(but no one better shake it!):

The flip-up photo album, and under that,
some nautical looking flags I had
in my stash at home:


A compass, a bird, and a thimble:

A pirate ship....I finally did find one online.  And
next to it, pieces of a pirate skeleton:

I found this guy in the gift shop on the ship
and couldn't resist:

The tiara Pat made for me, that I regally
wore on our last night onboard:

A silly doll I found in St. Maarten, and dangling
next to her, many of the charms I received
as swaps or gifts:

This compartment is full of goodies that
were in our class kit:

We received a piece of adhesive backed cork that
fit perfectly in one of the compartments, and I used
it to display some pins and one special charm:

 Beach souvineers:

"cruise" spelled out with grunge blocks, and check out
Mario and Tim on the "round trip" ticket:

I had the skull and crossbones charm at home.
The cork is from wine at dinner, and you
know what the cocktail umbrellas represent:

A very special photo deserves its own

Now, all that's left to do is decide where to display this great memento.


Nancy said...

VERY cool, Eileen!! What a great way to be reminded of all the fun you had on the cruise! And you completed it - my Mexico travel journal is still in it's ziplok, waiting to be finished. (lol)

Vic said...

It's fabulous!!

Elena said...

It came out fantastic Eileen!! Now that I am done with my 300 - okay not 300 but it FEELS like 300!!! - tags I can finish mine too!!!

Patzee said...

GREAT job! I love how you filled it with humor and so many bits and bobs.

Helen said...

What a wonderful memory of your trip - display it proudly!!

Cindy-Up In Northern Michigan said...

Very, very cool. Love it!

Lori said...

It looks fantastic! Love all the embellishments you used..the photo of Tim and Mario is hilarious. Good luck finding a place to hang it..I know what your walls are made of... lol...

Dorothy said...

Great job on this for sure!!!

PaulaJ said...

your box is stunning! I totally love all the elements especially that cute little lobster!

Stephanie Rodgers said...

Very cool video! And, you did a great job on your printer's tray (did we expect anything less?). I can't believe we've been home 2-1/2 weeks already!

Nancy D. said...

Yours turned out great Eileen..love it!

Marilyn Harris Mills aka Maer said...

looks fabulous Eileen :)

Shelley Whiting said...

Very cool and I love the detail. The collage and designs are beautiful and amazing. Beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

OH WOWZERS this is absolutely beautiful.

craftyM said...

OMG! You soon will be able to have a whole wall of these boxes won't you! And each one just gets better and better! That ship is way cool! Love this!

Shirley said...

Your configuration tray turned out fabulous!