Thursday, December 27, 2012

A New Tradition

Most folks I know keep their calendars electronically.  Me, I like to see things in writing.  So, I have a pocket calendar I always have in my bag, and 12x12" wall calendars in my kitchen and studio.  The other day I was transferring dates from the 2012 versions to my 2013 calendars, and decided to start a new tradition for the end of the year.....recycling the old pages into colorful envelopes.  Certainly not an original idea, but I've never done it before, so new to me.  I dismantled the wall calendars (keeping only December for now), and got to it.

If you have a score board (there are several brands; here I used the Martha Stewart version) and a paper trimmer it couldn't be easier, but you can certainly use a stylus, ruler, and cutting mat to score your lines, and trim the papers by hand.

For envelopes that work with standard A2 cards (folded size 5 1/2 x 4 1/4") first cut your calendar pages to 8 3/8" squares.

Place your trimmed page, picture side down, on the scoring board like this:
You just have to make sure the points touch the center marks (6") before you start scoring.  This is what I mean:

You now score at the 3" mark on your board.  Then rotate the page so you can score the opposite side also at 3".  Next, score the two remaining sides at 3 5/8".  Your scoring will look like this (I darkened the score lines with a marker so you can see them):
Fold over the sides you scored at 3" first, and use a bone folder to get a good crisp fold.
Apply a line of adhesive on the lower edge of each flap and fold the bottom flap up.  I used my ATG, but a good quality glue stick will also work.

Your envelope is ready to receive whatever you're mailing.

All you need to do is apply two address labels so the P.O. isn't distracted by all the colors, LOL.
The first batch I made were from the 2012 Cloth Paper Scissors calendar, so they are especially beautiful, though my crappy photos don't do them justice.

But you can use any paper that is sturdy enough.  And if you can't get an 8 3/8" square out of your paper, you can always make a smaller envelope.  This one is just the right size for sending out an ATC, and it was made from the cover of a Dick Blick catalog.  (Note:  if you're making a smaller one, you will have to adjust where to line up your points on the scoring board.  For this envelope, they lined up at the 5 7/8" mark instead of 6").
I had lots of colorful strips left over after trimming my calendar pages, so I decided not to let them go to waste.  I wove them to create a substrate for some journal pages.  This is what the back looks like (because I forgot to take a photo of the front before I started throwing paint around):
And after applying collage elements, paint, stencils, inks, more paint, more stencils, more inks, some sprays, and even rub-ons, it is pretty much unrecognizable.  And still a work in progress.  But I plan to cut it in half and make it part of my 2013 Sketchbook Project....but that is a post for another day.


Anonymous said...

OH wow that is awesome.. You are so talented... Love this idea

World of Michael Trent said...

What an amazing idea!!!! Love this idea.

Dorothy said...

Such a great idea!!
Thanks Eileen!

Dorothy said...

Such a great idea!!
Thanks Eileen!

Anonymous said...

Ah! All the thinking taken care of for me! Great idea, Eileen!

Marcia G

Michele said...

This is absolutely WONDERFUL! Great ideas! I'm definitely going to give it a whirl... Thanks for sharing!

Patzee said...

What a clever idea!! You make going green look great! I believe I will steal your idea of weaving scraps of paper to create a new substrate for mad stencilling.

teri said...

Love this!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

That is such a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing the instructions too.
Wishing you the best in 2013

Lori said...

Excellent tutorial! Love making envelopes out of calendars...I have a pile waiting to be scored. lol. So colorful and fun for the recipient!

Monica said...

I make envelopes out of the scented pages that come in magazines. I will trey your method also. Do like the woven page.

Elena said...

Wow! Eileen that is GREAT!! I wonder how many people (besides me) are tearing up their old calendars right now?!?! LOL! Thanks for an amazing idea!! Your journal page with the scraps is just AMAZING!

Bearcrazyman said...

Very Cool ideas.
But of course they are from the paper queen.
Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Lee Hynes said...

they are fabulous!

Katknit said...

This is so cool! Thanks for sharing.

inge said...

Hello Eileen,

Of course i know how to make my own enveloppes...i even have a score-pal and an enveloppe template....
So why do i always forget to make them myself???...

Great idea to use your calendars and when you are busy, you can make a lot at once. Then you have whole bunch of them ready if you need them and no forgetting about using such a decorative enveloppe !!!
I bet the ones out of the cloth, paper and scissors calendar look awesome.

Tomorrow i get my stuff out and make some myself!
Thanks for reminding me to use what i already know...LOL.... But hey,you are a teacher and that's what teacher do :)

Thanks for your comment on Zita...all those sweets comments help to sooth the missing...

A happy good end of the year and hopefully we can cooperate in the future again artistically!!

Sweet greetings from Belgium

goodling4 said...

I'm with to find those calendars and create! Thanks for stirring up the creativity in my dead brain, Eileen! You always amaze me with your tons of energy and art ideas. Stamping over the top and adding extra paint etc makes them really special, too.
xo Gina

Healing Woman said...

This is such a great idea. A lot of work though. I will probably opt for using a glue stick and cutting and pasting those images on top of store bought envelopes. If I ever find the time though, I will attempt your method. Those evelopes will be a treasure to anyone receiving them and I'm sure the postal carriers will appreciate the variety and color you will add to their lives. Thanks for sharing!

Anita Houston said...

COOOOOOOLLLLL!!!! Best repurposeing idea ever!

Barbara Mason said...

Great idea - I too must have at least 1 wall calendar!!!

Barbara Mason said...

Ok- I spent yesterday making envies -great idea! I now have bunches in several sizes!!!

craftyM said...

I have made these but using envelope templates. Your way is SO much easier and and it eliminates the tedious cut and trace.... THANK YOU for the new trick! I will be using your method now!!!!

And did you know if you want to make envelopes to give as gifts they have a special glue so you can create the glue on the flap. I got some when I was making envelopes the last time and it works so cool when you want to give envelopes away or use them with cards you are selling. This glue makes just dries on the flap, so it later can be licked and sealed like any commercial envelope!

Loved your collage page of leftovers, too! You were definitely on a roll!