Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another Weekend Surrounded by Lace

Three days, who knows how many snippets of fabric, how many yards of lace and ribbon, buttons and beads, and I actually have my pages for Elena completed.  I'm just loving this Vintage Lace round robin I'm in.  Thanks, Sox, for starting this!

Elena selected Paris as her theme, and after gathering my supplies and a few potential images to print on fabric covered paper, I got down to the fun part.....arranging and rearranging everything.  Sew a little.  Arrange a little.  Sew some more.  Go on a hunt for more "stuff."  More arranging.  More hunting.  More sewing.  And yes, a little bit of glueing too.  I don't have to mail the page out until the 15th of January, but wanted to give myself plenty of time; unlike many of my pals, I do not work well under pressure.

Here is the double spread, followed by each side.

The interesting thing (well, to me, anyway) is that I did not start out with this cream/pink/green color scheme in mind.  It just kind of evolved.  And I'm loving it, which amazes me because I am so not a pink person.
Now a few closeups.
I drew an outline of the Eiffel Tower on canvas and then
machine stitched around it and inside it to create this
crazy lopsided thing (that I love in spite of its deformity)
 I've had this image on my computer for years, and something
about it just said "Paris" to me, so I finally got to use it (printed
on some paper backed fabric)
 Ages ago, someone sent me this piece of fabric as part of a
swap, I think.  The colors and French writing made it a no-
brainer for this project

 I myself have never been to Paris, but this quote seems to
sum up what so many others have told me about that city

Some tulle and fabric flowers, fabric scraps and bead trim used here


teri said...

Eileen, this is a masterpiece. I'm amazed and impressed at the level of detail you included in these pages. Note that I didn't say I was surprised, since you are a detail-oriented person. But to turn to a new medium and be able to do that is astonishing. Love love love.

Elena said...

Eileen!!! Thank you so much!! It is absolutely fabulous!! I have not done the pages for Sox yet but can only imagine it will not be half as beautiful!

Karen said...

Eileen...this is beautiful. You did a marvelous job. I haven't been to Paris either. Think we need to plan a trip. We could buy lace and other goodies for our books.

Dorothy said...


Socrates said...

Beautiful work, Eileen. that pink is bold indeed, and as you say, it just works. Very refreshing Spring in Paris.

Patzee said...

Love, love, love your stitched Eiffel tower-magnifique! I have been to Paris, alas not in the spring or in love, but your pink tinge adds a wonderful charm!

michelle said...

It is so beautiful Eileen. . . A treasure to last a life time!

craftyM said...

Oh wowza wowza wowza!!! Your work looks like a professional who has been doing this for years. Look out SOX! You have REAL competition here!!! And I SOOO love all the stitching on your Eiffel Tower.... ingenious, you are! Just beautiful work Eileen! You should be very proud! Can't wait to see your miracles with my book!!! This is so uplifting to work in a different media , isn't it?

Wanda H said...

Really beautiful, Eileen!!!!!!!!!!

Lee Hynes said...

what can I say buy "wonderful!"

Lori said...

This is really fantastic, and look how you got out of your comfort zone! lol!

Lynn Stevens said...

One word.... Stunning!
hugs Lynn

Michele said...

This came out beautiful, Eileen! And yes - I was shocked when I first saw the pink.. At first, I thought for sure you were showcasing someone else's work! Maybe you are indeed a "pink" girl!

Ingrid Dijkers said...


Marjie Kemper said...

Lovely pages, Eileen. Love all the stitching.