Thursday, March 28, 2013

Keys4Art 2013, Part V

The Last Installment
(this time I mean it, really)
I know I said I was finished with the Keys retreat, but a funny thing happened.  Carla, who does NOT blog, shared her photos with us, and there are some amazing ones I just had to show you.  I mean, just look at this perspective.  (I never did; me + heights = unhappy me)

Every table laden with gifts.
One special gift from Karen to all of us was a supply holder.  It didn't make it into my first blog post because it was packed in a box that has not yet arrived.  (No only just got mailed yesterday!)
See the mug covered with fabric, holding the paintbrushes?  So pretty, so useful.  Thanks again, Karen!
A couple of my housemates thought they were in Vegas or something.

Just to give you an idea of how much everyone loved making gelli plate prints.  At one point every bit of floor space was filled with drying prints.
Another gift (thank you Elena!) that was packed in that delinquent box was EVERY single one of Julie Nutting's new stamps.....a set for each of us!  Thanks to Julie too.
All of us (except Jacquie, who was called away for a family emergency.....but she came back for our farewell dinner at The Marlin).
Daisy, Teri, Lill, Karen, Pat, Elena, Me, Carla, Jen, Sue
Some random shots.

As I said, Jacquie drove down from Miami for our farewell party, and she brought her adorable son Luca.

Me and my tablemates.  What a fun week, making art and laughing together.

Well, that's it.  I think.  LOL!


Helen said...

The photos are great, Eileen - that one from up high is incredible, but rather her than me! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Patzee said...

What great photos! Carla did a great job capturing some special moments and this blog makes them come alive again! Thanks, ladies!

Elena said...

Pictures are definitely the echos of a wonderful experience.

Lori said...

Are you sure you're done now? LOL...really fantastic pics, though, so glad you shared these as well! Love the different angles.

Lee Hynes said...

How fortunate you are to have such great friends!The whole adventure looks amazing!

craftyM said...

Don't stop, Eileen! Wonderful pics... thanks for sharing! What wonderful things you guys did and the fun just shows from all those great smiles! Next year, next year, next year!!!

teri said...

That might be the only photo we have of the NY Trifecta. I love it! Thanks for all the great memories.