Monday, March 4, 2013

So, Now I Love Glass

HAH! Guess it's time I just accepted that I will always be up for trying new things, and will probably never settle on one art form.  What's the latest?  Glass.  I've always wanted to try my hand at stained glass, but was put off by the supplies and equipment I'd have to invest in just to see if I liked it.
So when my friend Michele announced a stained glass workshop at her studio, in which the teacher (the fabulous David Jacobson) would be supplying EVERYTHING, I jumped at it.  So glad I did.  I loved it.  David is an awesome teacher, and now I know I can cut glass and use a soldering iron.  Neither with any expertise, mind you, but I'm thrilled with what I did.

Here is David teaching.  He's so interesting, has so much knowledge, and a truckload of patience.

David brought all the tools we needed, lots of glass to choose from, dozens of design books, not one, but two grinders, eye protection for everyone, a variety of glass cutters, gloves, patina, several soldering irons and stands, solder, get the idea.....EVERYTHING.

Pat and I goof around with a piece of glass.  We always have a great time.
And we show off our finished pieces.  Yes, we actually went home with a totally completed piece.  Check out Miz Pat.....she didn't use one of the patterns we had to choose from.  She designed her own!  Pretty awesome, if you ask me.
And here is my piece at home, in front of a window.  Not too shabby for an absolute beginner.
The best news.....David will be back (he drove in from Michigan!).  And you can bet that I'll be there.
If you have ever thought about trying stained glass, you will not be disappointed by one of David's classes.  Click HERE to join Michele's Meetup group so you'll know when his next class is scheduled.  And check out the rest of the upcoming classes.  Some great teachers are heading to Michele's wonderful studio, Little Bird Creations.


Michele said...

Eileen - yours came out so incredible! Looks wonderful in front of the window! We'll have to get Pat to take a picture of hers too, in front of a window!
And thank you, again, for your kind words and support. xoxo

Elaine A said...

Hi Eileen -

Now this is too funny, I'm signing up for a stained glass class at the local high school! Like you, I've always wanted to learn. I love how your pieces turned out, so pretty! Hard to believe this was the first time for you and Pat. Sounds like you had fun. Tell Pat I said hello.

Elaine Allen

teri said...

You two made absolutely lovely pieces, and you look adorable together - like two little kids.

Dorothy said...

Oh my Eileen!! That is awesome!!

Patzee said...

I was totally amazed at how easily I overcame my fear of shattering a piece of glass--right after I shattered my first piece. Working next to Eileen I caught her fearless attitude and boldly went forth. David is a wonderful instructor and Eileen sparkled with enthusiasm as she completed her project. It's awesome!

Patzee said...

Hi, Elaine!!

Barbara Mason said...

Eileen - Both yours and Pat's piece came out incredibly beautiful for first timers. I have been an admitted technique and tool junkie for ages but have never (at least until now) done any stained glass...hmmmm

sally said...

I have great memories of a stained-glass course I took some years ago (when I lived in Holland), and managed to make some lovely pieces. It wasn't something I would like to get into seriously at home (with all the equipment), but I was thrilled with the course, itself, and how it all "works". Great that you were able to do the class, and your results are lovely.
Greetings from Sally in France

Anita Houston said...

Oh how I'd love to learn this! WOW! Your piece is spectacular! Perfect! What a FUN day and special piece if Art!

Lori said...

Well, lookit chu, gettin' into stained glass! lol... A fabulous piece, no less! And Pat, well, she's awesome! What a cool thing to the ability to try something without having to purchase a bunch of supplies first..that's the bonus part!

cmoh said...

Ah yes, glass...and there are so many ways to use it in mixed media. I love what you created! Sounds like you had a blast too.