Monday, April 15, 2013

Spray (and paint and stamp and draw) AND Paste

The Mad Scientist, Part II

I just couldn't stop....wondering how Wendy's metallic embossing pastes would look over some more of my favorite coloring media.  And of course the wondering led to the experimenting, which led to a whole lot of colorful sample pages.

Row 1:  Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels, applied dry.
Row 2:  Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels, applied wet.
Row 3:  Ranger Distress Markers.
Row 4:  Ranger Distress Ink (applied with ink pad direct to the paper).
Row 5:  Ranger Distress Stains.

Stencil:  Michelle Ward for Stencil Girl.

Then I decided to use Ranger's Color Wash sprays again, but this time stick to some deeper, darker colors.  I didn't expect to be wowed by the results, but I was.

Stencil:  Circle Explosion, The Crafter's Workshop
I had a few misters full of homemade sprays.  These were made with Distress Reinkers and Perfect Pearls.  Don't ask me which colors, because I didn't label them and made them ages ago.

Stencil:  Stencil Girl (one of the the March stencils from the Stencil Girl monthly club)
Before hanging up my lab coat I decided to see how the pastes would react when applied over paint.  And I do have an awful lot of paint.  I narrowed my sampling down to the ones I tend to use the most.
Rows 1 and 2:  Ranger Distress Paints
Row 3:  Ranger Claudine Hellmuth Acrylics
Rows 4 and 5:  Golden Fluid Acrylics
Row 6:  Your garden variety store brand acrylic, the kind you find under the Dick Blick, Utrecht, or Cheap Joe's brand, to name a few.

Stencils:  I have no clue.  They are very pretty border stencils, but the manufacturer is not printed on them and the original packaging is long gone.

I thought I was finished, but went back and filled a page with Derwent's Inktense Color Blocks.  These are highly pigmented inks in stick form, and when water is added they produce intense yet translucent colors.  And when they dry, the color is permanent.

Stencil:  Daisy Cluster, The Crafter's Workshop
I just had to try the pastes over alcohol inks.  First I coated the page in my journal with Ranger's glossy glue n seal to create the nonporous surface the inks work best on.  Then I applied a variety of inks the usual way, pouncing them on with the felt covered tool.


Have I come to any conclusions?  Well, in my opinion, these metallic pastes look great over everything I've applied them to.  My personal preference is the gold....most of the time.  I just think the underlying color comes through a little better with it than the silver.  Also, a lighter coat of paste (usually) reveals more color than a thicker coat.  I've noticed exceptions to all these observations, so bottom line:  just go for it, have fun playing, and honestly, I doubt you'll be disappointed in any of your results.


Helen said...

wow, that is some experimenting... what fab results - I love the greeny background with the smaller dots, particularly.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Wendy's embossing paste pairs quite well with your ART!!!! LOVE it ma'am!!!!!

Hetty said...

Great experiments, Eileen! I will have to give some of yours a try too. Now you have many beautiful backgrounds.

Scrappin' Stacy said...

Don't you just love it when an experiment comes out this wonderful! Beautiful pages.

teri said...

First of all, may I come to your house to try out all these wonderful supplies? I think you own every single type of art medium known to (wo)man. Second, I love seeing all these permutations. My favorite of all? The white background with metallic is dreamy.

Elena said...

You are fricken amazing! Thanks for the lesson!

Lisa H said...

ooo, they all look wonderful!

Patzee said...

Bottom line, all your experimenting has resulted in some amazing images!!Thanks for playing with your stencils, paste, and colors!

Marjie Kemper said...

You sure did have fun in the lab! Love all these variations, especially the one with the MB Shaw stencil. Gorgeous!

Lori said...

Excellent experimentation! Thanks for sharing your results! All are wonderful, but I really love it when the paste picks up the color underneath with the dye inks!

Colleen O said...

What a fun time you must have had playing with all these supplies. Love Wendy's embossing paste.

Sue Young said...

Awesomeness Eileen!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the ideas!!!!!
Gonna get some of that stuff for sure!!!!

craftyM said...

Is there a stencil you don't have! OMG, you are the queen of stencils! Love all of them, but those circles with the dark ink at the bottom and going to the light top is my very fav! Keep playin'... I love my embossing paste!! Mine is Dreamweavers, I think... is that the same stuff or is Wendy's different somehow?

Christi Conley said...

Absolutely stunning!! Thank you SO much for taking the time to do all those experiments (I am sure it was just SO hard - LOL) Now if I can ever get the $ for some of this great paste I know where to go for some inspiration :)