Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back to Russia

How Sue Acquired A Russian Ancestor
Clearly, I still have the desire to incorporate images of Russia into my art.  When I received Sue's Vintage Ancestors book this week, I knew immediately where her next ancestor would come from.
Sue structured her book a bit like a mystery (a very cool idea), setting her main character, Alice, off on a world wide journey to locate distant relatives.  Each one had a key (and Sue asked that we all use a key somewhere on our pages), and one of Alice's quests was to find the key that matched the one she herself possessed.
So naturally, I sent Alice to Russia, although an additional trip to Paris was necessary.  And I just had to throw in some Russian royalty as well as a rather emphatic nod toward my own Jewish Russian roots.  I knew all those years of reading mysteries would come in handy some day.
Very much under the infuence of Lynne Perrella, most of the coloring I did was with my Portfolio pastels.  The church which is furthest in the background is a drawing of the New Russian Orthodox Church in Paris.  Overlaid are some drawings of Russian churches as well as a few of the stamps I carved myself.  They have all been embellished with sparkly things, German scrap, and lots of doodling with my glaze pens.

The young beauty is Natalia, widow of Alice's distant cousin, Grand Duke Dimitri.  Below her photo is a pocket containing the explanation of all this, and to her left, the key she inherited from the late Duke.

After taking pictures of my pages, I decided that the litte faux Faberge egg atop the key needed more bling, so I added some.  Much more authentic now, LOL.
And here is the story of Natalia and Dimitri. 
I do love the challenge of inventing ancestors for my friends!


Patzee said...

Wow! I LOVE the colorful turn Sue's book has taken! What a fabulous job!

sally said...

Those buildings are just fabulous! I have always loved their onion domes, be it on the wonderful shingled churches or the towers of St Basil & I still remember going to see an exhibition of Fabergé eggs many moons ago at the museum in Aberdeen :-D


Monica said...

Ah a Russian Jewish Princess and her castles are gorgeous.

teri flemal said...

These pages are beautiful, and being under the influence of Lynne Perrella is like a colorful dream one doesn't want to wake up from. Bravo!

Lori said...

Holee crap, this is awesome! F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.! And you're so good at the stories..ever thought about writing a book???