Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Lace Journey Ends......And Some Art With Friends

Just before the start of the Memorial Day Weekend, I received Marita's luscious lace journal from Elena, and spent a good part of those days working on it.  Marita's is the last one I had to create for, and soon I'll be getting my own back.  I've loved being a part of this group, and fully intend to continue to incorporate fabric and lace into my projects.

Marita's theme included vintage faces, hankies, and the colors ivory, ecru, and black.  In anticipation, I set aside all the elements I thought might work, and selected a focal image.  So when I actually had the book in my hands, putting together my spread came very easily.  Don't you love when that happens?

You can see I had plenty of lace in the right colors; the pocket for the "hankies" is just an oval doily cut in half.  Since I didn't have a hanky that went well with the colors Marita requested, I made a faux one with black and white netting.

There is a bit of batting under the image to make it puff up.  I went over her headband and earrings with flat backed pearls and crystals; the gold "chains" on the earrings are lines of Ranger's Liquid Pearls.
The back is simply decorated with lace and some beaded trim.
As for the "art with friends" portion of the title.....I recently got together for a play date with Pat and Teri.  After a wonderful Greek dinner we headed for Teri's place where we each brought a project.  Pat was up first, and we received these:
What to do with a wine glass, a paper template, and an electric votive candle?
Pop in the candle, then using the template, cut out a skirt.  I used a gelli plate page that my pal Lillian gave me when we were at Keys4Art in March.  A dab of glue holds it together.  I used decorative scissors when I cut the top and bottom, and a tiny flower punch to make some holes so the light would shine through.  I also added the beaded trim because.....well, because Pat thought it was a great idea, and it was!

Pardon the pun, but Chinese take out food takes on a whole new light when consumed with this little beauty on the table.
Teri's project was altering old photos.  She picked up a huge supply at a second hand store.

They do have to be traditionally developed photos, not computer printed ones.  It's all about the coating.  First we submerged them in water for a few minutes, then dried them off, and proceded to scratch and sand them.  On some I altered only sections, on some the whole photo.  It's a very cool way to isolate one area and then create an entirely new picture surrounding it.  After scratching and sanding, we added paint, and then some stamping.  Here are three I've completed.  I like this!
You can't see the original photo at all on this one:

I left the stones untouched; I think it looks like seagrass
and weeds are growing out of water:

On this one the wall was unaltered, and the cityscape
stamped over it.
My project was a birthday card using the wrapped package from Tim Holtz's Birthday Blueprint set.  I've seen a few very similar cards in the blogosphere, so I'm not taking any credit for the design.  I have no idea who originally came up with the idea of paper piecing, but it sure wasn't me.  Coupled with pop dots, it does make for a wonderfully dimensional card.




craftyM said...

WOW WOW WOW!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE my lace pages, Eileen! They are truly gorgeous!!!! That image and what you did to it is so cool and those black laces oooola la!!! Thank you!!!! Can't wait to hold it in my hot little hands!!!!

Patzee said...

What wonderful creations--all so very different. Love kicking off a long weekend with some crafty adventures with 2 fabulous friends.

Lori said...

All are very cool projects...very creative yet simple enough for a gathering of good art friends! Love your card..looks fantastic!

Lori said...

Oh, and yes, of course the pages are fantastic as always..love it!

Elena said...

Everything looks fabulous! I so wish I lived near you guys!

teri said...

I really love whAt you did with your "lampshade." Great use for the gelli papers!!

Marjie Kemper said...

Lots of fun projects - love that lamp shade!

goodling4 said...

Eileen you have a future in lace and trim and in altering old photos! Marita's book is so grand, can't wait to see it in person. You should incorporate all things lacey into future work.
Did you at least get to pour a bit of wine into that glass before you so elegantly reformed it?

Stephanie Rodgers said...

That original birthday card was done by Britta Swiderski.

Lee Hynes said...

All fabulous!

Sarah W said...

Just gorgeous. Love it all.