Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Documented Life....That's How I Fold

A fold by any other name, is.....a tip in. Our Documented Life Planners are full of them, at least one for every week. This week's prompt is to do a fold (AKA, tip in) on a fold. I've been doing that all along, because my book is not an actual planner, and I have to tip in the weekly journaling pages, and they usually wind up on one of my pre-existing tip ins. But, in honor of this being a challenge of sorts, I did more than one fold on a fold.

This is what the page looks like. Just about everything on it is the result of gelli plate printing on deli wrap paper.

On the top of the page a tag had already been tipped in. On it, I attached (AKA tipped in; AKA folded on) a small brown paper bag. Here is what's under the bag.

The bag serves as a pocket, and inside, a small tag. The flower makes it easy to pull the tag out. BTW, the stripes (arrows and banners) that are all over this page were done with the gelli plate transfer technique. I've seen it demonstrated with packing tape, but I used Scotch Magic tape because it has a matte finish, which I prefer to the gloss of the packing tape.

If you lift the tag, the underside is covered with that tape. Shall we call it faux washi? And under the tag a continuation of my I'm-sick-of-winter-gimme-some-spring theme. Flowers and birds, people, flowers and birds.

Moving down to the bottom of the page are two small tags. The bottom one is hinged on the right, the top one on the left. Why? Absolutely no reason other than variety. To find out what I long for, you have to lift the top tag.

Good guess. I need some spring!

If you lift the bottom tag, a short rant on the subject, and another glimpse of what lies beneath the whole shebang.

The three larger birds were cut free hand from some gelli plate prints. The little guy on the bottom is from Prima (I think).

As far as art and folds go, I am finished. But I just may be inspired to add a few more words. We'll see.

4 comments: said...

I love it!

teri flemal said...

This pages looks like it's full of fun little surprises. Love the color scheme and I agree with that little bird -- I'm ready for spring, too.

Lori said...

Nice, very nice! Love the folds, prints, all of it!

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