Saturday, February 8, 2014

Better Late Than Never

Over two years ago, we (and by we I mean my collaborative art journal peeps and moi) started a new round robin with an asian theme. I thought I was finished with that ages ago, and in fact, have had my own book back for over a year now. Turns out, due to a glitch in the mailing process, Marita's book skipped me, and it was only recently that I was able to do some pages and mail them to Marita so she could finally have a completed book. I used a stencil technique I learned from the wonderful Lynne Perrella. When you find an image you love, you make a bunch of photocopies of it, and then using a craft knife, cut away only parts on each copy. You also carefully cut out the entire image on one, so you have a silhouette as well. That way you can create (or maybe I should say recreate) the image, but using your own colors, textures, designs, etc.

The two facing pages:


Most of the color comes from acrylic paint (some are metallic), though there is some embellishment with markers, paint pens, and glaze pens. Lots of stencils were used. You can see how using Lynne's technique allowed me to decorate each part of the image differently. Surely not authentic, but I love how it came out. I have been zendoodling almost daily, so couldn't resist doing some of that on the quote. 

Since I was working on loose pages, and not in the book, I used that opportunity to add some texture with some machine stitching. I don't know how much of that is apparent in the photos, but it's there.

So happy to have finally done this and gotten the pages into the mail. I really do hate being so late with something, even if it wasn't my fault.


teri flemal said...

You know, I've missed seeing Asian images! This is lovely - fabulous technique.

Lori said...

You do the best Asian themed art! I love the stencil techniques...very cool!

Patzee said...

Your pages are luscious! This was one of our most beautiful and diverse journals. Seeing your pages made me open my journal again. Lucky Marita!

Bearcrazyman said...

super cool art as always.

Elena said...

Spectacular!!!! Marita will be thrilled! Totally worth the wait!!

craftyM said...

And I made a trek to the mailbox yesterday through the snow and found them. YES WORTH THE WAIT!!They are even more beautiful in person. My book is now complete! Thank you, Eileen!