Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Dream In Colors Art Journal

After weeks of not receiving a journal to work in, today Tracy's arrived, sent by Carla (who did an awesome job, by the way).

Tracy's colors are browns, creams, and a touch of yellow. Nice earthy tones.

I was recently looking for images of medieval towns for a completely different project, and found a photo on Flickr that was just shouting at me, "use me in Tracy's journal!" So, I listened and simply printed it out on regular copy paper, Then I adhered it to cardstock and used a lot of colored pencils on it for shading and highlighting. Now I think it looks more like a drawing than a photograph.

I don't normally use fairy images in my art, but it seemed to fit the background.

As for the text, well, since Paul McCartney just performed here in NYC, I figured I'd use his lyrics. That does look like a long and winding road in the picture, doesn't it?

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Ann said...

LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!